Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Christmas decorations generally include decoration of the entire house including the outdoors, terrace, balcony, foyer, living room, doors, inner and outer walls and windows. The decorations are mostly theme based and there are a number of decorative items available in the market to go with any and all themes. Some of the common themes for Christmas are the color theme where a single color or multiple colors dominate the decorations like snow white, heart red or evergreen or toy theme or teddy theme etc. Once the theme is selected, the entire decoration revolves around the theme. The most common items that are used for decorating the doors, windows and walls are the hanging wreaths. They are the most fundamental decoration for Christmas decorations.

Some tips for efficiently using wreaths for decoration are:

  • Before selecting the type of wreath, decide on the theme for the house. The selection of the theme is critical because the wreath that will be used for decoration should blend well not only with the wall or door on which it is being used but it should also gel well with the overall decorations of the house.
  • Decide the duration for which you want to have your decorations displayed. There are two basic types of wreaths available in the market. One made of real plants and flowers and other artificial. In case you want to have your decorations on display for more than three or four days, it is advisable to go for artificial wreaths. In olden times, artificial wreaths were considered secondary to natural wreaths. However, with the increase in the types of artificial wreaths available these days, they are considered no less than natural wreaths.
  • Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas
    One of great ornament to complement your interior is Christmas wreath.

    Count the number of doors, windows and other places where you would like to hand the wreath. Wreaths were traditionally hanged only on the front door. However, these days, it is a common practice to use wreaths to decorate all the doors of the house. Wreaths are also commonly used on the outer walls of the house and windows. Therefore, before procurement of wreaths, decide on the number of wreaths required.

  • Select the size of the wreath. Wreath should not be very big or very small as compared to the size of the door or window. Bigger wreaths can be selected only if there is no other decoration on the door or window because bigger wreaths tend to overshadow other decorations done on the door or window. Selection of appropriate size of wreath is as critical as selecting the right color wreath.
  • Wreaths can also be created at home using anything you want to wrap around your wreath frame. You can use your imagination and use anything ranging from fruits, candy canes, ornaments, pine cones to berries etc to decorate your wreath.

    Some examples for decorating your wreath are:

    • Use of Florals – You can use flowers and fruits of decorating your wreath. For using flowers and fruits, the base color of the wreath should be green as it gives a natural feel to the wreath.
    • Use of Pine cones – Such types of wreath can be used on white colored doors or walls and goes well with the rustic theme decorations. Pine cone wreath can also be spray painted with the color that suits the overall theme of the decorations. Popular colors are golden and silver.
    • Use of ribbons – For giving effect to a simple looking wreath, ribbons of different colors can be effectively used to give the desired effect to the wreath. The ribbons can also be used as a theme blender to match the wreath with the overall theme of decorations.
    • Use toys – Use toys or other ornaments depending on the overall Christmas theme.
  • You can hand the wreath on the wall or window by strings or ribbons. Care should be taken that the ribbon or string used for hanging the wreath should be strong enough to hold the wreath in place. The last thing you would want is to redo the decorations because of poor quality of strings used.
  • Lighting can be used around the wreath to give it a glowing look. Series of lighting can also be wrapped around the wreath in a spiral fashion. The glowing wreaths give a special appeal to the overall decorations of the house.

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