Conference rooms are one of the basic necessities for any office or for corporate house. They serve the purpose of conducting any meeting, or deals and concerts. They can also be used for singular events or meetings. A conference hall also acts as a status symbol in the office or any corporate house. They are the best instruments to throw an impression on clients or customers. A conference room can be termed as a prerequisite for a reputed business or commercial house. It is a room which needs meticulous attention and therefore should consist of well planned equipments and should look trendy at the same time.

Interior designing has come out with some designer ideas which you can consider in order to shape up your conference room. Other than architecture and shape of conference room interior designing has lot many things to do. It just depends on how you want your interiors to look like. You can just have simple walls in your conference hall or something different that can turn your clients and customers turn around. It is absolutely your decision.

The points which one should remember while designing a conference hall:

  • Comfort: It is the first thing which should be kept in mind while designing the conference hall. You should see that the conference hall which you designed is comfortable for the employees as well as clients of your company. Make sure there is no external sound interference in your room as it distracts the people sitting while working. Also you should keep in mind the measurement of your conference room before you decide to purchase table and chairs. Furthermore make sure you have extra chairs and tables in case you invite guests for any event. The room should be spacious and it should allow people to move freely. Remove the clutters that come on the way. Avoid making the conference room a store room. Take out all unnecessary things from the conference room as it makes the room look cluttered, untidy and messed up.
  • Conference Room Design
    Conference Room Design

    Equipments: One of the most important things is to have a projector and a project screen. These equipments play a vital role when you have to present your views and thoughts through the mode of presentation. It also makes the presentations look formal and allows everyone to have good visibility.

  • LCD and webcam: An LCD and webcam should be undoubtedly installed in your conference hall. The LCD is used to view your desktop in a large screen. It can is also be used to view some informative news channel or a CD. For example if the budget is relayed then one can use LCD TV to see the LIVE telecast and comment on it. On the other hand webcam allows people to discuss the important business related matters with other office employees in a video teleconferencing.
  • Phones– Next is the phones. The phones are used to contact the clients or the customer while finalizing a deal. For that purpose you may need conferencing phones. Phones are available with various facilities. You can install a phone with a speaker, and teleconferencing.
  • Speakers: One should have microphones or speakers in your conference hall. The speaker should be audible to everyone while presenting his presentation. This will also allow employees and clients to actively participate in the conference meet.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Nowadays when internet has become the most important element. Wi-Fi connection has become a necessity for every company. You should have a Wi-Fi connection so that you can surf through the mails and other necessary documents in your website.
  • Lighting: – Last but not the least the most important thing is the lighting. It plays a very important role. The lighting should be such that the person who is giving the presentation should be able to see everyone’s face. Even the audience or the employees should be able to view the presentation and the expression of the person who is giving. An effective presentation is only when it is seen and understood by everyone.

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