Decorating the Foyer for Christmas

The foyer of the house is the first thing that is on display as soon as someone enters your house and as it is said, the first impression is the last impression. It is therefore important to decorate the foyer with utmost care and sincerity. Though for many houses the space may not be very expansive but at times small places, if decorated well can give a tempting look to the house from outside. The decoration of foyer can be in line with the theme of the entire Christmas decorations or it can even have an independent theme of its own depending on the overall decorations of the house.

The important factors that need to be considered for decoration of the foyer are:

  1. Decide the color scheme that will suit the overall decor of the foyer. This will largely depend on the color of the walls and furniture if any in the foyer and the overall Christmas theme of the house. The commonly used colors combinations for decoration are snow white, ever green and heart red or any single color with heavy use of golden and silver.  The decision about the color helps in procurement of goods. However, even if the things are not available in desired color, spray paint can be used generously to get the desired colors on objects of decoration.
  2. The theme of decoration. This can be decided based on the overall theme of the house or any other theme as desired.
  3. While decorating foyer it is important to understand that the decoration should not only look good from the inside but it should look appealing from the entry of the house.
  4. Decorating the Foyer for Christmas
    It is important to decorate the foyer with utmost care and sincerity because the foyer of the house is the first thing that is on display as soon as someone enters your house.

    Before starting decorations, remove anything that does not gel with the desired theme of decoration. Any undesirable object that does not have major utility or add to the beauty of the foyer should be removed.

  5. As foyer is in the front of the house, it should look welcoming to the guests entering the house. Use of flowers can add great value to the decoration of foyer.
  6. The main door of the house is an important place that should be decorated well. Hanging wreaths are commonly used for decorating the main door. These days wreaths are available in multiple colors. An appropriately colored wreath that goes along with the color of the door and the overall theme can be selected. In case you are unable to get the wreath of desired color, spray paints can be used to color the wreath. The wreaths can be used on both sides of the door. However, size door should be considered before purchasing wreaths. Very small or very huge wreaths spoil the decoration unless they are made up of some exclusive material. It is always advisable to go for more moderately sized wreath.
  7. Windows in foyer are an added plus for decorations as there are multiple options available for decorating windows. Hanging wreaths can also be used on windows. Garlands are also popularly used for decorating windows. Windows can be covered with colored paper to maintain the theme color. Designs and posters depicting Christmas theme can also be used to cover the windows.
  8. The foyer should be well lighted and colored lighting options can be used to give special effects to the decorations. Dancing LEDs or series lighting, though popular for outdoor lighting can be effectively used for lighting the foyer.
  9. If there are stairs going from the foyer area, the decorations can be done on the banister. Garlands can be used to decorate the stairs. However, adequate precaution should be taken while decorating stairs so as to avoid blockage of the path.
  10. The walls can be covered with posters or previous year Christmas cards. The cards can be directly passed on the wall or a string of cards can be hanged form the ceiling.
  11. The horizontal area in the foyer like table tops and racks etc. are the best place to keep decorative items like colored vase, candles or lamps. Small teddy bears or small Christmas trees can also be placed on the table for decoration. If possible the table should be placed directly below the light to make the decorative items more visible.
  12. The foyer should smell good. The area should be scented frequently and if possible items that have inherent fragrance like flowers should be placed in the foyer. No matter how good the decoration are guests entering the house should be greeted with a pleasant smell as foul smelling house can be a mood dampener.
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