Decorating Tips for New Year

Decorations form a very innovative and lively part of any festive celebrations. New Year is the time when people throw parties, enjoy festive drinks, enjoy stupendous meals, follow traditional customs and take active interest in decorating homes and workplaces with colorful adornments. It’s that time of the year again when people swarm your house to greet the New Year with utmost zeal and liveliness. The arrival of New Year calls for eye-catching fancy decorations and dazzling lights in each and every part of the house.

For New Year celebrations you can bejewel your surroundings skillfully and marvelously to welcome the upcoming New Year with warmth and joy. This is the time of the year when you can actually gear up and let your creativity flow full, while decorating your house in the perfect way. With the right and perfect home décor tips, you can throw the best New Years Eve Party.

Here are some decoration ideas for creating the perfect New Year decor for your house:

Decoration Ideas for New Year

  • Before starting off with the home decorations for the New Year, the first and the foremost thing is to get rid of the junk in your house and thoroughly clean each and every area of the house. You can also get your house painted if you want, to provide it a vibrant and new look for upcoming year.
  • To bump up the lively and cheerful mood of New Year, efforts should be made to decorate each area of the house. However, decide in advance which portion of the house needs more attention for decorations. The area in house with most traffic should be well decorated. For Example, extra emphasis can be paid to the decoration of the living and the dining room as these areas of your house are likely to be scrutinized by your guests who will be coming to your house for celebrating the New Year.
  • Pick a theme or pick a few colors to compliment your decorations. New Year is a time of shimmer and glitter so you can choose some shiny shades of silver, whites and gold.
  • Decorating Tips For New Year
    New Year Home Decoration

    Buy or create garlands and hang it over the entrance gates, balconies and doors of all rooms to give your decorations a warm and welcome touch.

  • Decorate the party and the living area with sparkling ribbons, balloons and flowers to give the feel of the occasion.
  • To provide a pretty and sophisticated look to the house you can use floating candles and flower blossoms in a crystal or glass bowl and place it on the center or dining table.
  •  Place a lot of flowers real or artificial around the house. Presence of flowers will make your home more pulsating and vibrant. You can also use a blend of flowers with lights. This combination will provide a magical charisma to the house. Apart from their fancy appeal they are also readily and cheaply available in the market. In order to uplift the flair of the room, layer of lights should be paired with other decorative ornaments in the house that have a reflective surface.
  • Extra attention should be paid while decorating the New Year table as major activities will be centered on this table. Decorating the table for New Year dinner is a great way to make the New Year’s Eve even more memorable. Use Nice vibrant color tablecloth teamed with a table runner and napkins.
  • Table centerpiece can be used as it forms heart of the table. Various type of arrangements like flowers arrangement, candle arrangement, a combination of both or a nice decorated cake stand can be used to make the centerpiece look its best.
  • Use fresheners and aroma candles to please your guests.
  • Stick gold and silver color stars on your ceiling, walls and different corners of the house to create an element of tranquility and mystery. You can also engage your children for making paper stars of different shapes and sizes. This will help in keeping them busy and participate and contribute their bit in the decorations of the house.
  • You can put some glitter in each balloon and place it all over the house. You can also use soft ribbons in satin and place it in your own creative way all around the house, as it adds to the zing of the party.
  • You can also hang wind chimes upon the entrance to charge up the mood of New Year.

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