Feng Shui for Office Desk

A person spends a good amount of time of his or her lifetime in some kind of an office in order to make a living. An office desk is the main piece of furniture in an office since most of the career and business related tasks are performed at the desk. Thus, it is extremely important to choose the right desk and locate it in the right location in order for it to attract wealth and prosperity for the owner in the most positive way. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of balancing the energies in a space to enhance health and good fortune of people inhabiting it.

The Feng Shui tips listed below are for locating an office desk appropriately to maximize the energies in the office space:

  • Position the desk so that the office entrance door is clearly visible when sitting behind the desk. Sitting with the back towards the door indicates turning away wealth and blessings for the professional career. If you cannot turn your desk to see the door, place a mirror or a shiny material on your desk to see a reflection of the office entrance.
  • Place the desk so that it does not directly face the entrance door but can be set up diagonally across from the door.
  • Avoid clutter on the desk by removing unnecessary items, dirt, dust, and piled-up files. Keeping the office desk clean and organized helps to remove stress and anxiety.
  • Feng Shui for Office Desk
    The only items on your desk should be items that you use daily and you should be able to reach everything easily.

    The size of an office desk should not be too large in order for the owner to be able to easily reach everything on the table. Also, the size should not be too small to cause clutter and untidiness.

  • Do not position the desk in direct line of the entrance door since it causes distraction. If the desk cannot be moved, hang a large crystal between the desk and the door for protection.
  • Position the desk so that the back is to a solid wall or corner without any windows. Any windows or doors behind the back cause the feeling of vulnerability. If the desk cannot be moved, hang a large crystal on the window for protection.
  • If enough space is available, place the office desk at an angle in Feng Shui Wealth or Relationship corner to ensure wealth and blessings for your career.
  • Do not face the wall when sitting on an office desk since this position minimizes the flow of positive energy around the desk owner. If there is no other option available due to limited space, it is recommended to decorate the wall with pleasant picture, such as a landscape of family photos. It will expand the space and help scatter the negative energies created by enclosed space.
  • Use a wooden office desk since wood represents stability and promotes creativity and career growth. Also, wood colors create a feeling of reliability and increase concentration.

An office desk is the most integral part of the office furniture needs to be chosen and placed correctly. It is recommended to consider the material, size, color, and shape of the office desk to increase the inflow of positive energy in the office.

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