Household Carpet Cleaning Agents

When you spill on the carpet the first thing which passes through your mind is ‘Oh! What the hell! How to clean this?’ Many abusive thoughts will also pass through your mind like will the strain go or not. Will the carpet color will remain the same or will get faded etc etc. Now don’t get afraid of anything as there are number ways for cleaning the carpet without making your carpet color dull or faded. You can clean the carpet with some household remedies or with chemicals available in the market. This guide will help you in providing some solutions which you can consider when it comes to handling carpet stains. You can use the following remedies whenever you need to.

Solution 1:

Make a solution of white vinegar and water in equal quantities and apply it on the stain by using a spray bottle. Now allow the stain to settle down. You can leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Now wipe the strain with the sponge. Rub the strain in the circular motion to clean. Then rinse the strain with warm water. You can repeat the process until the strain goes off. Brush the pile into the natural direction. Cover the strain with layers of white paper towels and place a heavy material on top of that. Allow it to dry.

Solution 2:

Take one teaspoon of ammonia and add it to a half of a cup of water. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and apply it on the stain. Do not allow the solution to dry. Wipe white paper towels and Brush the pile into the natural direction. Allow it to dry completely.

Solution 3:

Take one fourth teaspoon of detergent to half cup of water. A detergent can be made a hand soap or daily bath soap. Just make sure the soap does not contain bleach. Now blot the stain with white paper towels and spray the detergent solution with the spray bottle on the strain. Now rub the area and wipe out the stain and detergent with a white paper towel. Brush the pile with the brush and allow it to dry.

Solution 4:

Take half cup of lemon juice in the spray bottle. Make sure it does not contain added ingredients. Now spray a good amount of solution on the affected area. Do not wet the padding. Allow the solution to settle down. This will take atleast four to five minutes. Rub the strain with a paper towel until it is removed.

Solution 5:

Use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to remove the strains. It can be purchased from any grocery or super market. Take the solution in the white clean towel or cloth and apply it on the strain. Rub the strain until it is removed. Be careful that the strain does not spread over the carpet.

Few daily tips to clean the carpet:

  • Use vaccum cleaner to remove the loose dirt and dust from the carpet. It is advised to clean the carpet daily.
  • Vacuum the Loop pile carpets vacuumed with a cylinder cleaner attachment. Use the suction head to clean the carpet.
  • Protect your carpet from fading. Carpets when exposed to direct sunlight get faded. Fading on carpets is caused by the exposure to ultraviolet light. Fading is common in woolen carpets.
  • Vaccum the Cut pile carpets with an upright cleaner attachment and brush.
  • Place a doormat. This will reduce dirt to enter from outside into the house.
  • Avoid using light colored carpets at external entrances.

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