Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring

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Hard Wood Flooring

Flooring of your house is a typical subject that has brought about a lot of questions and a lot of mixed opinions. People of varying ideas can certainly give you a lot of help, but they would also do their best to confuse you. There are a lot of flooring options available, but it is always good for you to get hardwood flooring. The hard wood flooring has always stood the test of time, and with proper maintenance and good care taken of it, it has remained in that same condition till now. With a lot of people cheering on the use of hardwood flooring, you need to look at the advantages and disadvantages that this product can bring to the table. The introduction of hardwood flooring is certainly going to be a choice that you would have to make, and keeping in touch with your financial side.

The advantages of hardwood flooring

1. Cleaning department of the hardwood flooring is something that is always a breeze.

There is no amount of maintenance required that would make you wait for long hours for the stuff to get cleaned. You can easily do that yourself with just a broom and a brush. The main reason that people take hardwood flooring is that it does not require any sort of maintenance that is normally seen in a lot of other flooring types.

2. You would get a variety of hardwood flooring

There are a lot of varieties that can be available to you, and depending upon your price range, you would get the desired hardwood flooring. It can be light-colored or dark-colored, and irrespective of the price, you would still be getting quality materials that would normally take you a lot of money to procure for any other sort of flooring types.

3. Hardwood does not have any dirt sticking to it.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the cleanliness that people actually get from hardwood flooring cannot be matched by any other flooring types. There is no amount of maintenance that you would have to do, and it is certainly not going to make you get any sort of diseases with the accumulation of dirt.

4. The durability of hardwood is extremely long.

Hardwood flooring is something that has been able to indulge a lot of people that require permanent structures of a very good kind. In this manner, you would find that hardwood flooring happens to fulfill all their desires, and most of them to not have to worry about the longevity of their hardwood floors. There is no amount of hardwood flooring that can give you stress about the durability and longevity of it.

Some of the disadvantages of hardwood flooring have been mentioned below for you to take a judicial decision about the use of it.

The disadvantages of hardwood flooring

1. Cost

The high cost of Hardwood flooring makes it less affordable for those who prefer frugal living. Apart from the raw material, installation of the flooring is also costly. Laborers also charge more for installing solid wood flooring as compared to other types of flooring. In most cases, you would find that getting hardwood flooring would cost you a substantial amount of money, and hence it is preferred by people who have a good enough income.

2. Time

It takes a lot of time for the hardwood floors to be set in your house. It is a very expensive procedure, and you would find that it takes a lot of time and experienced manpower for the hardwood floors to get the required smooth look.

3. In most cases, if there are a lot of strips and planks which have been inserted in the hardwood flooring, and there is some flammable product in the floor, then it would make the entire hardwood floor very slippery. This is very dangerous, and it can create a lot of accidents and problems if it is not taken care of.

4. Maintenance

Hardwood floors require regular polishing every 2-3 years to maintain its finish, especially if it is a high traffic area like the main entrance. The cost of polishing and labor tends to be high especially for Polyurethane coating.

5. Water Seepage

Though most options today are water resistant, hardwood flooring will be damaged in the event of any water seepage and hence stagnant pools of water should not be allowed. While regular moping with wet cloth is permitted but make sure water is not dripping from the mop and is completely wiped off.

6. Noise

Wearing certain types of shoes can make walking across the hardwood floor noisy so if you want a home without much noise, then you are going to have the added expense of throw rugs in areas where the noise is the worse.

The advantages and disadvantages should help you to choose the right kind of flooring for your home.

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