Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Carpets at Home

Carpets have actually been a deal breaker in most cases of trying to decorate your homes, and most of the people that prefer to have large rooms go for carpeting. Carpets not only bring about a grand feeling to the room, but most people feel like royalty when they put carpets in long drawing rooms. Most of the carpets have been imported from Persia or the Middle East countries, and it is there that you would get the best kind of carpets in the entire world. A lot of textures and sizes along with the amount of price that you would pay for each and every carpet are located in shops all along the Middle East. People extremely interested in buying carpets for their homes need to understand that there is a good amount of maintenance that is required for you to take care of your carpets. Just like any good thing, it also has disadvantages, but the advantages mount over the disadvantage.

Some of the advantages of having carpets in your home are given below.


  1. The decor of the entire room would get changed with just an introduction of a carpet. The luscious feel on the floor and the smooth texture that would be covering the entire floor area is something that is to be seen and felt. Carpets bring about a lot of authenticity to the room, as well as the feeling of luxury would be imbibing upon you. Once you manage to get a carpet into your room, then life would be difficult without it. The use of a carpet is extremely good, and you would be able to enjoy your time spent in that room.
  2. The durability of your carpet depends upon the amount of money that you pay to procure one. With a lot of people procuring carpets, there has to be a distinction between the good carpets and the ones which are just used like cheap wallpaper. If the quality of the carpet is good, then it has a very long life, and there would be no wear and tear into it. You should manage the carpet carefully and ensure that it is cleaned properly so that it may always be in a good condition.
  3. The design of the carpet would be able to give your room an entirely new look. With various designs and different sizes available in carpets, it should be your prerogative to measure the room and get a carpet of that size. There are a variety of designs that would be available to you, and the price of the carpet would depend upon the design, texture, and the material used for the carpet. If you make the right decision, then you can certainly ensure that your room would remain forever beautiful with just the enhancement of adding a carpet to the entire décor.

The disadvantages of the use of carpets in your room are given below.


  1. The requirement of cleanliness is paramount to using carpets. A lot of people have been using carpets in their homes, but they must maintain a very high degree of cleanliness so that the carpets do not get damaged. If the carpets do get damaged, then you would have to spend a fortune in order for you to repair it and restore it back to its original position.
  2. After a prolonged use of the carpet, it would start fraying from the sides, and the adhesive would come off. This is a particularly ugly situation for the people who have bought carpets, and they tend to get irritated and spend a lot of money trying to get it back to its previous position. The adhesive that is used should be of good quality, and you need to ensure that the people installing the carpet in your room should be experienced. Giving a brand-new carpet, and that too of a good cost to people who do not know how to install it is tantamount to losing money over the entire process. Make sure that you get the right kind of people to install the carpets in your room. Also, make sure that the carpet does not experience a lot of sunlight. That can have a detrimental effect upon the carpet, and the colour of the car it would start fading after a while.

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