Fabrics for Elegant Spaces

As the ornamentation move in home decor continues, highend fabrics are increasingly featuring complex weaves and textures, metallic yarns, embroidered patterns, and relief detailing. Cut velvets, damasks, jewel colours, such as emerald and ruby, as well as baroquestyle swirls and contours – all imbue a room with glamour. The trick is to find just the right balance between opulence and sophistication. Metallic embroidery is still quite popular.

Floral designs have been in vogue for quite some time now and every season, they’re reinterpreted with subtle differences. Building on recent interior trends, this season’s floral designs are stylised, crisply rendered, and large in size. A classic 2009 design is minimalist in design with occasional use of colours. Forget classic designs and overblown rose patterns as the desirable effect nowadays is one of perfectly measured and understated exuberance.

Here are a few fabrics you can choose from to do up your home:

The rich texture and sheen of this fabric make interiors look stylish and elegant. Embroidery, tassels and trimmings look great on this fabric. Antique printed velvets and flocked fabrics are also the trend these days. Dupioni silk fabric has a lustrous sheen and characteristic small slubs that run horizontally across the fabric. It falls in soft folds when draped and is the most versatile fabric whenused for draperies, pillows, and duvet covers. Colours in mocha brown, black, greens and earthy tones are the colours of the season.

Fabrics for elegant homes
Some awesome fabrics that can be used in homes

You will find many styles and colours in this fabric. Create draperies, duvets, and slip covers with this beautiful satin fabric which is quite versatile.It is perfect for window treatments (draperies, valances, and swags), slipcovers, upholstery, pillow and duvet covers. They come in colours like olive green, browns, rich reds and earthy tones with motifs of leaves,flowers,and abstract forms.Two varieties in this fabric are paisley jacquard and satin jacquard. Paisley jacquard is a woven fabric. The satin variety has weight and a slight sheen. Both are perfect for a variety of window treatments.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are natural fibres like organic cotton, flax, and bamboo fabrics. Organic cotton is grown in an environment where no pesticides, chemical fertilisers, or herbicides have been used for a minimum of three years. Organic yarn spinners have set isolated processing areas in order to segregate the organic cotton from the conventional cotton. The dyeing and finishing of organic cottons also follows a strict procedure for chemical use in processing, eliminating all materials harmful to the body and the environment. The use of these fabrics for curtains, cushion covers, etc gives a summery feel to interiors.

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