Basement Design Ideas

Basement is often considered as the least important areas in the home. Basement at home is generally used to locate items such as furnace, air conditioning system, water heater and electrical distribution system etc. and therefore, is usually neglected when it comes to interior designing. However, with a little simple groundwork in the basement can work wonders. You can utilize it in number of ways. You can convert the place into a pleasant living room where living space is often a constraint. Interior designing has come out with certain ideas and themes through which you can make your basement look beautiful and an amazing place to live.

Ideas and Themes

  • Basement is normally small in size and therefore it is important to give it larger and beautiful look. To give your basement a spacious look and wonderful feeling, it is advised not to use dark colors such as red or black. This would make the basement look smaller and congested. Always use light colors like whites, off whites, beige, light pink etc. This would create a warm feeling and would make the basement look larger and spacious. Try using some horizontal patterns on the walls. It would also make the room appear spacious.
  • basement design ideas
    A Well Designed Basement

    You can convert the basement into the living room. This would be one of the best ways of utilizing the basement. It will satisfy you with the need of having a bigger home. You can place furniture of your choice. However, as the basements are normally small in size, it is suggested not to use large and heavy furniture. These large pieces of furniture would make the room look congested and smaller. Always stick to small or medium sized furniture pieces.

  • You can place a couch and a chair in the room. It will occupy less space and would make your room look much bigger and spacious. You can also have a mix and match of small and large furniture pieces based on your preferences. Add your design with a big screen television to include a character in the room.
  • You can also make your basement look bigger by adjoining it with some bigger room such as living room. As far as possible, try not to separate the basement from rest of the house with the wooden door as this would make the basement congested and would give it a closed area. Try using a slider doors or glass doors.
  • As this part of the home gets less light, it is suggested to have an effective and efficient lighting scheme. Hang low lights along with focused lighting. This will complement the space in the room and would create an inviting and relaxed environment. You can also use spotlights to further enhance the space and give it a beautiful appearance.
  • It is recommended to avoid too much of storage in the room. Never store too many accessories and equipments as this would consume more space and would make the room look cluttered.
  • The basement is usually constructed at the lowest part of a home. Therefore there is always the risk of water leakages. It is advised to have a proper water proof roofing and flooring to prevent your room from such problems.
  • In addition, since the basements are constructed at the lowest part of the home, there is always the problem of air ventilation. Hence, you are advised to always construct basement at such a position where you can get ample of natural sun light and fresh air.
  • Try decorating your basement with green plants and herbs to create a fresh and beautiful atmosphere.

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