Ways To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Here are a few inexpensive ideas to bring some life into your kitchen:

  • White walls look boring but don’t experiment with jarring colors on your kitchen walls; you may easily get tired of them. Instead, keep the color palette breezy and light by choosing beiges and greys over yellows and oranges.
  • If you want a uniform look in your kitchen, color the kitchen walls with the same color that suit the cabinets, this will have a blend in look. If the kitchen is smaller, this would make it look much bigger, go for lighter shades. This will not only make the kitchen cheerful but it will also blend well with off white color and keeping it simple and elegant.
  • You may choose to add color through tiling. Select wall tiles in bright color combinations to add a dash of color to the kitchen.
  • Keep the design such that it allows natural sunlight to come inside the kitchen, else you install some mirrors within the design, especially in the corners, to ensure proper distribution of light.
  • For a more decorative and bold kitchen, a striking contrast can be used. If the kitchen units are of a wooden brown, a brighter yellow or green with proper lighting may be used to highlight.
  • Ways to brighten up your kitchen
    A kitchen with yellow color scheme makes it look bright

    Keeping the wall units lighter, you may well use bold colors on the walls and have your dining table and chairs the same color as the walls. This will create a color balance in the kitchen.

  • Change the look of your kitchen from season to season. Like in summers, you can make it look airy by giving your kitchen a lighter feel. You may use summer colors and get those seasonal fruits and vegetables on the table.
  • If you dining space is within the layout of your kitchen, try putting some soft furnishings. Using table covers and slip covers of various colors and patterns also influence the way your kitchen appears.
  • Using hand painted tiles adds a personal touch to your kitchen.
  • Efficiently use the corners in the kitchen as display units to display the different varieties of spices, cookbooks and things that are frequently required in the kitchen.
  • Colors like orange and yellow are warm colors that are more energetic and inspire hunger, thus making them ideal choices for your kitchen.
  • If your kitchen has a balcony attached to it, use it as your kitchen garden. If you don’t have much space,  you can still use  the window sill to hang in a few plants of your choice to bring some greenery to the kitchen.
  • To highlight your dinner set display ceiling, pick and choose one color, and then make use of a darker shade of it on the display and a lighter hue of it on the ceiling. The effect will help add enhance depth and build a central point for your kitchen.
  • Do you have different sets of cutlery? Then you can use them alternately to bring something different to the eye every time. A black and white dinner set can be brought in for a while and then the fuchsia pink collection takes over. May be if you have a dinner set in metallic shade of copper or bronze, that can be brought out during festive times.
  • If your kitchen is quite long and you want to add an element and character to it without actually overdoing it, paint the corner walls bright and the walls on the either side with its lighter shades or a lighter contrast color scheme for balance.
  • The cabinet pulls can also be changed to match the overall theme of your kitchen. Glass, wood, ceramic, choose what suits best and get a new look to your kitchen.
  • Borders are popular and look good in the kitchen layout so play around with border designs from abstract to florals and even textures, the choices are many.

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