Modern Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fittings enhance the overall look of the bathroom. A little change in fittings can also do wonders to your bathroom decor and can give you a beautiful feeling of luxury and comfort.  There are multiple options available to bring that little wonder to your bathroom.

Things to consider:

Bathroom fittings should not only look good but they should be fully functional, stylish, comfortable and relaxing. It is also important to consider the other bathroom interiors like tiles, before purchasing the bathroom fittings. You should carefully do research on the products before making any purchases and should make sure that they match with your requirements and bathroom decor. You should also not compromise on the quality of these fittings.

Bathroom fittings:

Brass Bathroom Fittings
Brass Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fittings include soap holder, washbasins, mirrors, showers, bathtubs etc. We will now look into various bathroom fittings available in the market.

  • Bathroom Basins: Bathroom basin is one of the important components in the bathrooms. These basins are available in wide variety of options to suit your bathroom interiors. Bathroom basins are also available in different shapes and sizes. You can select an oval or a conical shaped basin.  You can also create a storage space below the wash basin to store accessories like soap, paper, shampoo etc.
  • Mirrors: Other important component is bathroom mirrors.  It gives a grand look to the bathrooms. Mirrors helps in creating an optical illusion and makes the small bathroom look spacious. You have wide variety of choices to buy a distinctive mirror with varying prices to match with your bathroom styles. You can easily hang them on any wall of your choice.
  • Showers: Showers also play a major role in designing your bathrooms. There are different options available to make your bathing enjoyable. You can opt for a square sheer fixed head or wall panel bathroom showers to bath in a royal manner.
  • Shower screens: Shower screens fittings can enhance the overall look of the bathroom. With a large variety of styles and designs for you to choose from, shower screens will not only make your bathroom safe, clean and dry but beautiful as well. You can choose sliding bath shower screens, folding bath shower screens or curved bath shower screens according to your requirements.
  • Bath tubs: They play an integral part in your bathroom. There are wide collections of bath tubs available in terms of various shapes, styles and designs to compliment your bathroom. You can also get them in different colors. Bath tubs are excellent for taking a relaxed bubble bath taking away all your tiredness.
  • Towel warmers: Towel warmers help in keeping your towel clean, dry and fresh. It provides you warm towels after you are done with your shower. There were times when towel warmers were not given that much of importance but nowadays due its functionality it has started gaining popularity. They are available in many different styles and configurations.
  • Soap dish Holders: Variety of shapes designs and sizes are available to match every kind of bathroom. You can choose animal shape holders, acrylic holders or tilted shape soap dish holders. You can place them on the sides of the sink or can fit them on the wall. However, these have become little insignificant since the introduction of liquid soap.


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