Kids Room Wall Painting

Decorating the kids room has picked up its pace in the market. Traditionally, kid’s room was not given much importance due to joint family, more number of kids, less of ideas and lastly the budget. But nowadays, with upcoming of nuclear families where each family has about only one or two kids, it is in all our dreams to provide them a fantasy private bedroom.

A beautifully painted kids room wall

Decorating the kid’s room is not a difficult task however it is the only room at home where you can just go wild with your creativity within your budget limits. It is the fact that kids always wants to have fun and complete freedom in almost everything they want to do. They love to play around with their toys and have fun. The bedroom for kids should also reveal the same. The decoration of their bedroom should make them feel happy. There are many ways of designing your kid’s bedroom. You can paint over the walls, place colorful toys and decorate according to your and kids taste and preferences.

Painting the bedroom walls is the one of the cheapest ways to customize and brighten up the room. You can also use simple decoration ideas on the walls to make the room look attractive. Drawing on the bedroom walls is also popular nowadays. Here are few ideas to help you in painting children room and thereby making it attractive and beautiful:

  • Just go crazy while choosing the color for the kid’s bedroom and keep your mind out of those white and off-white colors. Try choosing something bright that gives the room a brighter and colorful look. You can choose bright reds, yellow, blues etc. for painting the walls. You can also choose multiple colors to give a beautiful texture to the room.
  • Try out something new like drawing artistic designs on the wall. You can take the help of stencils. Stencils make your things much easier while drawing and painting the designs. They are not only available in designs of flowers or animals but they also come in designs of cars, cartoons etc. Just paint them with different colors and make the room a wonderful place for your kids to play and hang around.
  • If you have any interesting thing to display, then you can paint a funny picture with a clothesline and just hang the displays with a nail on the wall. This is a good way of highlighting the display in the room.
  • You can also go for a specific theme like painting an ocean. Just paint the whole room with sea blue color including the roof and try canvassing waves, fish, snails, octopus, rocks, whales and other characters like Casper (a sea cartoon character) etc on the walls to give a theme based decoration to the room. In the same way you can also opt for other different themes like cartoons, forest etc. based on your kids choice and preferences.
  • A decorative colorful slate can be painted towards one side of the wall in order to decorate their own space. This would also allow your kid to draw and enhance his creativity. You can paint the entire room as well with chalkboard and can give your kids an open place to draw and decorate their room with their own creativity.


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