Decorating a Lemony Living Room

A living room is the most pivotal rooms in the house. It is the place where family members relax and hang out. It is also a place where you mostly have to host guests. Therefore it is essential that your living room should have the décor which can create warmth and inviting environment. It does not mean that you have to buy expensive decoration items for your living room. A living room should be decorated strategically so that you can get the same environment without spending lots of money. One of the strategies is to decorate your living room with lemon yellow color.

Importance of yellow color:

Lemony Living Room

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It is a color of warmth, happiness and joy. It creates a soothing and welcoming environment all over the place. Yellow color is also known for relaxation, harmony and pleasure. The touch of color gives a fresh look to the area during summers.

Tips for creating a lemony living room

  • You can try using accessories in all shades of yellow color to give your living room a warming look. If your living walls are painted in lemon yellow then you can opt of mustard yellow color sofas and cushions. You can place a table lamp to lighten up the room with warm yellow light. Also place a coffee table with light yellow wicker. Try placing a small bunch of yellow flowers to the corner of your living room to give a welcoming look.
  • If your living room includes a dining table then it becomes necessary to decorate it with the same color theme. You can use a glass top table with yellow wicker. You can place yellow color table mats and other accessories to make your table attractive and beautiful. Try placing few yellow flowers at the center of the table to give it a wonderful look. You can also place yellow fruits like banana or vegetables like yellow capsicums to decorate and give a beautiful feeling. Combinations of green and yellow fruits and vegetables can also be used to give living room a classic nature touch.
  • You can try out good combinations with lemon yellow color walls. If your living walls are painted in lemon yellow and you want to give a different look by using some other colors accessories, then you can bring in white sofa with a chocolate color gingham cushions. Place a coffee table with glass top. You can choose chocolate color curtains popping against yellow walls. For lighting you can place a table lamp with white lid. Hang a geometric print or a beautiful painting on the wall to give a pleasant look. On the floor place a light brown carpet to enhance the room’s look.  You can try out other combinations as well. Yellow walls with white sofas and blue or black gingham cushions can also give a different look to your living room.



  • To give a nature look then while painting the walls with yellow color try considering a trim of green color. This would give a classic combination of nature.
  • You can try out different combinations with lemony color walls or accessories. You can use lemon yellow with orange to carry out a healthy, summery, citrus theme to your living room if it is has a dining table.
  • There are several ways to decorate the living area to create a variety of different looks. Before decorating your yellow living room, it is advised to consider your personal taste and choose colors and accessories. It is important that your effort should not only be visible to others but should be entitled for praises as well.


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