Turquoise Theme Home Interior Design

Colors are the most important element in interior designing. They play an important role in every aspect of designing be it home or office. They build up a different mood and atmosphere altogether. Turquoise color indeed is one of the colors; you can never get bored with. It is one of the inspirational colors and is widely used across world. Turquoise is the color of love, emotions and generosity. The color is mostly associated with energy. It strengthens the body and provides cool and relaxed atmosphere. It also gives peace and harmony to your mind.

Decorating your interiors with turquoise is not that difficult as it looks like. You can decorate the room and bring in the turquoise effect on a small budget as well. You can create a fresh look with this color. It can be used to decorate dining room, kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom or kid’s room. You can add turquoise color to your bedroom interior by putting it into few elements of your décor like cushions, pillow covers, bed sheets or covers. You can also add this color to your living room by putting it into furniture, curtains etc. Turquoise color gets easily blend with lighter shades like white, blue or lighter shares of brown. You can combine it with one or two colors to give a striking effect to your home. Here are few tips to decorate your rooms:

Turquoise Theme Living Room

Bedroom is the place where you would love to relax after the whole day work. Turquoise is the color of relaxation and peace and therefore it might be the perfect color to decorate your bedroom with. Bring in an ocean feeling into your bedroom with this color. You can also create a calming atmosphere with combinations of white and turquoise color theme. Just paint walls with light gray color along with sky blue turquoise color ceiling and white bed covers, pillows and furniture to make a cool atmosphere within the room.

Decorating your Living Room with Turquoise is an amazing idea. Turquoise goes perfectly well in cold seasons be it a little cold or icy. You can bring in a complete turquoise effect by painting or applying wallpapers across the walls of your living room. Or you can also decorate your room with turquoise color accessories. Large varieties of accessories are available including candles, curtains, cushions, lamp shades etc. So just paint the walls with white color and mix and match with turquoise blue and green shades of accessories to give your room a contrast look.

Turquoise can be a wise decision to use in Kitchens. As the color builds a cool and calm atmosphere you can cook freely with your cool mind. It also helps in making your kitchen look spacious. You can decorate your kitchen with accessories like plates, flower vases, vegetable basket, cups, a tea pot, glassware or a fruit bowl. You can have white color walls to complement with turquoise color cabinets.

After decorating all the rooms why to leave Bathroom untouched. After all they also play an important role. It is the place you often use. Decorate your bathroom with turquoise to bring the harmony and freshness. Generally turquoise colors are in greenish and bluish mix. You can use all these colors together to decorate your bathroom. You can also use white or silver color tiles to complement with turquoise color bathroom tiles.


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