Bed Buying Guide

A comfortable bed is an important investment for your wellbeing. It acts as a major asset in providing you a good night’s sleep. As well it is a pleasant place to relax and rest after a full day hectic schedule. Further, it is also important to have a beautiful bed as it will be a wonderful addition to your room decor and furnishing. This beds buying guide will help you in designing and choosing your perfect bed for bedroom.

Types of beds

Firstly, it is important for you to be clear on what type of bed you would like to purchase. There are different types of bed available to fit to your choice and room décor.Beds can be:


These are decorative and provide a classic and contemporary look to your room. These beds can be found with solid timber slats and some with wooden sprung stats. As wooden sprung stats bedsteads provide more cushioned support, they are mostly preferred than the solid timber stats bedsteads.

Storage beds

This bed perfectly suits the room

These beds feature a build in storage drawers. This helps you to store your home accessories. They are number of designs available. You can purchase a bed based on your requirement.


Divans can be the best options for those who have space constraints. They are mostly available with storage space.

Guest beds

Guest beds provide a flexible solution to you for your overnight guests. It is a divan with a simple pull out facility underneath. These are the best options if you have a space constraint in your bedroom for an extra bed. They are also available with storage facility.


These beds are used to give a finishing touch to your bedroom.

Bed sizes

Beds are available in different sizes. It purely depends on your choice as for which bed size you would like to purchase. Before purchasing the bed it is important to study the dimensions of your bedroom. This would help you in taking decisions as to which size of bed will well fit into your bedroom décor.

Single bed

This type of bed is designed for a single person. It is also known as Twin bed.

Three Quarters

This bed is also designed for a single person. The size of the bed is smaller than that of double size bed. These beds are mostly preferred by the teenagers with small bedrooms.

Double bed

This bed is somewhat larger than the queen size beds. This bed provides a comfortable space for two people to sleep together.

Queen size

This bed is designed for two people to sleep and is mostly seen in married couple’s bedroom.

King size

This bed is the larger than the queen size bed and provide plenty of place to two people to sleep. These are preferred only if you have ample of space in your bedroom.

Super king beds

These are the largest beds among all the above mentioned sizes. This provides ample of space to sleep.

How to choose

  • Before purchasing a bed, it is important to conduct simple tests to see whether it is a perfect bed for you or not.
  • It is advised to check the quality of bed material used as it highly influences the feel and look of your bed.
  • The bed should be fully furnished and should have appropriate dimensions.
  • You should also look for the best quality mattresses. Just lie and sit on them to test the filling and firmness.
  • It is also advised to spend as much as money you can afford to and by an expensive bed to get the most comfortable sleeps at night.


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