Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

When it comes to design a kitchen, a kitchen Faucet cannot be ignored. Faucet is now not just a functional piece but is also known for providing a different style to the kitchen. A kitchen faucet is frequently used and that is why it is important to buy a right faucet for the right kitchen. Before buying a faucet it is important that the faucet you buy is not only stylish but is also easy and convenient to use. It is also recommended not to compromise on quality of the faucet. There are many cheap designer faucets available in the market. But it is advisable to buy a branded faucet which will not only give a style, design and convenience but would also give assurance for longer durability.

There are different sets of Faucets available in the market with styles, designs, shapes to fit your kitchen decor. This guide will help in taking selecting right faucet for your kitchen.

Mounting faucets: Before buying the faucet one should be clear about the number of holes your existing sink or new sink has. After assessing the number of holes, you can go ahead with mounting options. There are three different ways of mounting faucets.

  • A single-hole deck mounting faucet with spouts and handle on a mounting plate.
  • A double-hole deck mounting faucet where spout and handles are mounted on the sink, individually.
  • Wall mounting is the option where faucet is attached to the wall above the kitchen sink.

Faucet with handle options: There are two different options available.

  • One hand faucet: It rotates to all directions and regulates flow of water. This requires not more than two holes in the sink
  • Two hand faucet: It has separate handles one for cold and another for hot water. This requires at least three in the sink.

Spout options: There are different types of spouts available in the market with different sizes and heights.It should be considered that the spouts should be much closer to the kitchen sink as to avoid the spills of water all over the kitchen.Therefore before purchasing, one should assess the size of the kitchen sink and the number of holes in it. A standard sink would require a standard spout while a larger sink may require a different size which could serve the need as well as give an elegant look to the kitchen.There are three different categories of spouts.

  • High arch– These are high neck spouts. These gives sufficient place between the spout and the dishes kept in the sink.
  • Standard arch– it is a standard size of spout normally used in standard size sink.

Other accessories: There are different accessories available which can be attached to your kitchen sink. Soap dispenser, side sprayer are some of the accessories to name. These accessories can be attached to the holes available in the kitchen sink. More than three holes in the sink would be required to fit them.

Price is one of the best criteria for selecting a quality owned kitchen faucet. The price of the faucet depends on the size, finishing and the design and the durability. Price varies quality of valve too. It is natural that the good faucet will cost more than the other local faucets in the market. It is recommended to buy a branded faucet as it would give you both quality and warranty on product.