Rugs Buying Guide

Are you having something to add to your living room then what about giving a fresh appearance to it. Decoration is one of the best ways to embellish your rooms and add your own touch.

Rugs and mats can be an excellent option that will increase the beauty of the room. These are not only comfortable but at the same time give you a smooth effect. If the floor is hard this will be the perfect option that you can try.

Rugs not only are used for decoration but at the same time there are innumerable benefits which are concerned with it. During the winter season you can easily walk on the floor without any tension. It helps in reducing the sound of the room and provides intimacy.

You will come across countless advantages of rugs as it can be used for decoration as well as for safety purposes. There are many factors which you need to be considered while you are buying the rugs like its size, fabric of the rug, cost etc.

Area rug can be use either on the floor or you can even use it on tiles, carpets and many other floor coverings. You can create a unique look in the room and also add an elegant touch. For example you can try the option of hallways which is quite pleasing.

Matching Your Décor

Area rugs can be used in a number of ways. Colorful rugs can be used in your rooms and matched with your interiors of the room. The house really looks beautiful if you add a unique color style which can be embedded with other decorative items in the room. You can add them and include a center of attraction to the room.

If you know your requirements then it is not tough to find a perfect rug for your room. There are different styles and color combination which you will get so according to your budget you can go with any choice that is best. Some of the factors are given below:-

  • There are various purposes of using the rug so decide what your purpose is. If you want the rug to act as a focal point then it will be better that you lay the rug in the center. The fireplace is another option where the rugs can be laid. You can try different patterns combined together with a awesome texture.
  • Ensure that the color of the walls and the interiors are not similar to the rug. You can either use a contrast shade or a printed pattern is a superb option. According to the interiors only you need to decide the type of pattern which will be suitable. There are a number of textures which you will get in the market so select one which gives a busier look.
  • The area where the rug is laid is busy then selects the rugs which have more designs on it. This will reduce the work of maintenance and will be long lasting.
  • Rugs Buying Guide
    Rugs and mats can be an excellent option that will increase the beauty of the room

    It is important that you choose the right color of your rug. There are so many varieties of shades available which can be picked by you. When you are going for shopping you can scratch a portion of your walls to match the color of the rug or a contrast shade.

  • Choosing the light shades for the rungs will help you to give a spacious look to the room while dark shades are preferred for big rooms where you require a cozy atmosphere.
  • The texture of the rug holds importance because you will want that the rugs are durable. One will get different kinds of fibers which are used for making rugs. Fr example jute is the best material for the rug because it is hard and can be used for a longer time. Even sisal is another great fiber which you select for the rugs.
  • There is a huge collection of the patterns that you will get. Just don’t go for simple designs but look for something innovative and exclusive. You have geometrical shapes, octagonal figures which really add a different tough to the room.
  • Another option which you can try is to use different colors rugs in the same room and mix it accordingly. This is unique and looks appealing.
  • If you want to divide the room then the ideal option is to add different rugs. Different colors can give a wonderful appearance to the room and enhance the look too.
  • You can even consult the manufacturer about the variable sizes of the mat and ask them to design the size that you are looking for.


Rugs comes in a variety of size so it will be better that you can make use of any size. Small sized mats can be employed to divide the room and make it appear separate. The larger rugs help you to add space to the room and make it appear spacious. Therefore making the right selection is necessary.

You can get rugs in different shapes like square, round, rectangular, oval etc. One can also try other shapes if you are able to search.

Do not buy rugs unless you have the exact measurement. When you are going to the market to search for the rugs you can have the measurement done so that you know the amount of space that you have. Accordingly you need to search for the rug that fits in t the area which is open.

Under the coffee table

  • The size of the rugs for the coffee table is about 4? x 6? or 6? x 9?. If the size of the table is large or small you can look for other rugs which are of the same size.
  • The table should be able to fit in the size of the rug which is slightly larger than the table.
  • Dimensions of the rug can differ with the size of the table but it should not look awkward.
  • Leave some space between the rugs as well as the furniture or it will not be able to take fresh air and gain moisture.

Dining Room

For the dining table the rugs have to be bigger than the size of the table so that when you sit your legs can rest on the rugs. It is because the surface is uneven so place the chair in the right position. In most of the cases the size of the rug is 8? x 10? which is ideal. In case these dimensions do not match you can get a different size keeping in mind the dimension of the table.

Living & Family Rooms

There is no fixed place to lay the rug but it all depends upon choice. The rugs can either be laid in the bedroom or even the living rooms are a perfect place for it. You can use the rugs for decorating the room or adding warmth to it. You can try the option of coffee table which is appealing and increases the focus of the room.


Even bedroom is also a nice place where the rugs can be used. You can either use the rug in the entire room or even below your bed. For that you need to measure the dimension of the bed in such a way that the four legs of the bed should fit on the rug. You can also add a small rug below the night lamp to give a traditional appearance.

Kitchen, Hallway & Foyer

If there are some spaces left in the room you can bring small rugs and cover that area. You can try some colorful mats which will suit the purpose.

Style and Type

Oriental and Persian Rugs

Oriental rugs are a different kind of rugs which are designed in Asia. These are usually made from wood or sometimes silk is also used. These types of rugs are prepared by hand and this is the reason that it is famous and durable. On the other hand you have the Persian rugs which are made in Iran. The main feature of the Persian rugs is that they have bright colors and distinct patterns which look very good. The designs of Persian style are unique and appear very different from the other styles which you will come across.

You can even get handmade rugs which look beautiful and also reasonable in price. But if you want the traditional rugs then they are a bit costly and are purchase by only few people. The most important requirement is that it should be bought from the manufacturer how is reputed or else you can get a bad quality rug also. The high quality ones are durable and give a positive effect.

Apart from the handmade you have the machine made rugs which are equally good as compared to the above. You can get both the traditional as well as the modern rugs which can be used in any way you want. The rugs made from machine are of high quality and contain 100% wool.

The oriental rugs are more in demand because they are able to hide dirt from the rug and can be used in high traffic areas too. Go for the rugs made from wool as they are durable and cost effective.

Braided Rugs

The braided rugs are another option which the people like because it comes in different colors. Though wool is the best material for the braided rugs but still synthetic fibers are also used and they are cheap. It has designs on both the sides and so you can use the other side when one side gets dirty. There are bright shades and textures which you will find as it suits the rooms very much. You can pick the color of your choice and make your room elegant.

Shag Rugs

These types of rugs are soft and give a cozy feeling. There are made from wool, synthetic fibers etc.

Natural/Earthy Rugs

Rugs Buying Guide
You have the natural fibers as well as the synthetic fibers which give an exclusive look to the rugs

The natural rugs have no added color to them and therefore its color does not fade. These rugs are appealing and create a different atmosphere.

Contemporary Rugs

The contemporary rugs are made from wool and come in different colors and textures including striped, figures, dots etc.

Selecting a Rug Pad

A rug pad is added to the rugs so that its life is increased. It helps in maintaining the rugs and gives an excellent finish. You will find no wrinkles on the rug and is able to control on sound. The rug pads are available in many sizes and colors so you can select the finest color.

There are numerous purposes which are served by the rug pads:-

  • No wear and tear
  • Absorbs noise
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevents the floor from scratches
  • If rugs are used over carpets the rug pads of polyester are excellent. The dark color will not go over the light shades and spoil the look.

Knowing the Different Fibers

Initially rugs were made from wool and cotton only but now you have several fibers which are used. You have the natural fibers as well as the synthetic fibers which give an exclusive look to the rugs.

Synthetic Fibers

Acrylic: This kind of synthetic fiber possesses a high resistance against sunlight. At the same time it is resistant to mildew and stain. This is most suitable for manufacture of bathroom mats, rugs etc.

Polypropylene/olefin: One of the most important attribute of this fiber is its cost effective and is attracting the buyers day by day. At the same time it is highly resistant to stain. It holds a good resistivity towards water.

Nylon: This fiber is highly versatile and long life. One can make use of vacuum cleaner to clean it. It is a polymer of ethylene glycol which means it can be taken in rough use also.

Natural Fibers

Wool: This fiber is a perfect example of softness. It is well known because of its easy to maintain and cleaning feature. Not only this it is long lasting and serves as a standard for rating others fiber’s carpets.

Cotton: If one is looking for something colorful then cotton is the best option. The only drawback is that it is not durable but softer than any other fiber.

Jute: This fiber is also very soft like wool but exposure to sunlight should be avoided to prevent color loss. At the same time it should not be kept in moisture for a long time otherwise it leads to disintegration of fibers.

Sisal: It can be use in any find of area because of its durability and strength. One of the remarkable features of sisal is that it is static free.

Blends: When different kinds of fibers are used to form a rug then it is known as blend.

Weaving Methods

With the help of the methods given below you can get nice information about the rugs designed and reach to your home.

Hand Hooked: In this method, the hooking tool is pushed through the cloth front and back such that a loop is left behind.

Hand Knotted: In this method, each knot forms a strand which is looped by hand.

Hand Tufted: The loom consists of a stretched ink-on cloth and is operated manually. At the time of removal of rug latex is put at the back.

Jacquard: The loom used by weaver is highly mechanized. It consists of uncountable no of punched which are arranged in a specific pattern to form a weave.

Wilton Loom: This method is similar to hand-knotted method but is not manual.

Quick Trick

  • Do not use brush on the carpets but rather than use uprights in that case. Even cylinder cleaners are better than any other option.
  • The stains should be removed from blotting and not by rubbing. Use cold water and not hot water.
  • If the light falls on the rug then invert it after sometime.
  • In case the color fades vacuuming is the best option.
  • Rugs which are expensive need special care. You can take the help of the expert for that.
  • Beat the rugs gently to remove dust and dirt particles.

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