Flooring is an essential element when decoration of the room is concerned. Floor carpets are the perfect way to add elegance to your room either partially or completely. If you select a good shade you can increase the charm of a dull room. While choosing the type of carpet you need to ensure the right size and the pattern that you want for the room.

The size of the carpet will depend upon the size of the room. If you wish to cover the entire room then you will need a large carpet or else there are different varieties of small carpets available for rooms. You can either try the traditional style or the contemporary style will also suit the room.

Carpet can give a beautiful and different look to the room because you get innumerable choices in color, textures, designs etc. According to your choice you can plan your budget and decide which kind of carpet is best for the room.

If you are thinking of purchasing a carpet of your room there are lots of things which you need to consider. Apart from the color there are many other things which one needs to decide so that the right choice is availed. Here is a checklist which contains a few things which you need to remember and consider it important.

Area of use

The first thing which you need to take into account is the carpet size. If you want the carpet of your living room then is size has to be large. Do not go for luxury carpets because lots of people will be coming and hence the carpet will get dirty often. In this case the best option is to select the material which is durable and can be cleaned without any problem. If the material is hard it can be used for a long time and will not wear easily.

On the other hand you also have the soft and comfortable carpets which are designed for home purposes.

Thus the best option is to first analyze the size of the carpet and the place where it will be kept. Based on the above facts you can decide which type of caret is most suitable for that particular room. Some other factors include number of children and pets that are present in your home.


carpet buying guide
Floor carpets are the perfect way to add elegance to your room either partially or completely

Budget is very important as it helps you to customize your choices according to the budget which you have planned. For the people whose budget is not too high can also get best options which will go with the room. Leekes is one of the most excellent brands where you can get a huge collection of beautiful and stunning carpets that you want.

Color & Pattern

When it comes to variety the carpets are present in a whole lot of exciting colors and patterns. All you need to do is to pick the design which is most attractive and suit the room in the best way. Though cost is an important concern but still the design has to be unique.

Even the carpet style can vary from plain to Berber and patterned. It is you choice which style you like the most. You can try different textures and mix them with the excellent colors. Though simple ones are better but stains are easily visible on them. So you can go with the patterned style which is exclusive and adorns the room. Marks are covered with the dense design of the carpet.

To select the carpet you must remember the kind of décor you have in your room. If the walls as well as the furniture are neutral you can try dark shades which will embellish the room. But nowadays the latest trend is more into using different colors together with a rich pattern. This style not only looks decent but at the same gives you a comfortable feeling when you walk on the carpet.

Mellow tones are also a wonderful option to try which appear to be very exquisite. According to the color of your room you can select either the deep or the bright shades for the carpet and it will really look excellent. Dark colors give warmth to the room while the light shades give a cool feeling when you enter the room. Therefore take time to understand your room and the color combination which is required.

You have both the luxurious as well as hardwearing carpets. The hardwearing carpets are durable and can be cleaned on regular basis. Even if you are using the carpet on daily purposes you will find it long lasting. Carpets can be installed in different rooms like living room, bedroom, kitchen etc.

One will have to go through a number of patterns which are suitable for the room. If you want the room to look simple and clean then you can go for plain ones. If you are looking for more choices then patterned style is also the best. With the help of the designer you can try various colors and give a fresh look to the room.


Not only the upper part of the carpet but even the inner part is important. Before laying the carpet you should ensure that the underneath layer must be of high quality. Even if the earlier one is in good condition you can change the layer so that the carpet can be installed in the right way. The right underlay gives durability to the carpet and adds heat insulation. Most of the manufacturer’s do not correct this problem which can increase the overall cost.


The material used for the carpets should be such that it can be used for a longer duration. Some of the materials which are used in making the different carpets include nylon, polyester, wool etc. Even fiber is a good option which does not get stains and marks.


Nylon is also an excellent option and ideal for areas which are more in use. It is because of the simple reason that it cannot be damaged and cleaning is easy. Even if marks develop you can remove it by different solutions. It is more like wool which gives a brilliant effect but is very durable. The cost is low and in your budget.


Woollen carpets are a bit costly as compared to nylon. It is difficult to clean and maintain. You need an expert who can clean the carpets because DIY option is not possible at all.


Polyester is an excellent fabric which can be used but meant for areas which are less in use. Its prices are cheap and so you can afford it without any budget problems. But because the material is soft the fabric can get damaged after some time and hence repairing is required.


Olefin is another material which is quite popular and is similar to nylon. The only problem is that you may have some difficulty in cleaning the stain or the marks which come on the market. Berber is the best style which you can try and get the superb effect.


Acrylic is one of the ideal materials which can be used for replacing wool. Mostly it is used for commercial purposes only and offers innumerable features. It is not affected by bacteria, moth and other creatures which can spoil the beauty of the carpet. You can find exciting colors which you can opt.


Cotton is best employed for small areas. It is able to absorb moisture and perfect doe rooms.



carpet buying guide
The material used for the carpets should be such that it can be used for a longer duration

Berber is one of the awesome styles which is preferred by many people. Such styles are best for people who have less number of people but if you have pets then it is not the ideal style for you. If it gets dirty it will be difficult to clean the carpet. You can give an exclusive look by combing many colors so that to get a elegant look. Smaller loops look better as compared to the big loops because its effect is just stunning.


Frieze is a very good fabric which is perfect for places where lots of people come. It is long lasting and enhances the appearance of the room.


Saxony is specially designed for living areas and bedrooms where there are few people who come and go. It is made from polypropylene and twisted into various styles and patterns.

Cut pile

Cut pile gives a smooth finish to the surface where the carpet is to be installed.  Different styles can be incorporated together so that the room appears to be beautiful.

Shag pile

Shag pile is a luxurious style which is often liked by many people. Though it uses large loops but still the look is very refreshing and different.


Plush is used for everyday use and is heat resistant. For tough weather conditions this is the ideal type that you can go for. The flat appearance is just out of the world.

Textured Plush

Textual plush is more or less similar to plush but the only difference is that the tufts are not same in size. The other features remain the same and therefore its demand is increasing day by day.

Loop pile

If you are thinking of an option that is most suitable then this is the right option for you. It is not only durable but is a cost effective option. This means that once installed there is no need of investing extra amount on it. The loops are arranged in such a way that unique patterns can be created. The carpets can be designed suing the simple textures or stylish textures are also available.

Twist pile

The best thing about twist pile is that it is present in variety of shades and textures which will surely look awesome. You can try numerous styles which go with the decoration of the room.


Padding is essential for any type of carpet you want. Though most of the people do not care about it but still one must ensure that there is proper layering which will keep the carpet intact with the floor. The right type of padding will aloe heat as well as noise insulation. If you will follow these steps the carpet will have a long time. If the fabric that you use is soft then padding can be of best use as it can provide strength to the carpet. Even if one puts pressure on the carpet it will not get damaged soon. If you get the carpet designed ask the expert to add a layer of padding or in case you are purchasing a readymade carpet then ensure that padding is complete. The padding can differ from carpet to carpet so take care that the right fabric is employed.

Carpet Installation


Some of the questions which you need to ask yourself before you lay the carpet.

  • The installers are moving the furniture’s or it is you who will be doing it
  • Carpet which is removed can be recycled or not. What other styles who will be trying for the new carpet.
  • Which is the right place for the carpet?

Room Preparation

  • Use vacuum to remove dust and dirt particles from the carpet.
  • If in case of decoration ensure the painting and other things are completed first and the carpet should be laid in the last.
  • The temperature for the carpet should be ideal. Consider in which season the installation has to be done and then know about the temperature which is required for it.

During Installation

  • Vacuum is used for removing dust and the layer of padding.
  • When the carpet is kept in the rolled position check its color and texture which you have purchased.
  • Stretch the carpet fully so that there are no wrinkles appear on the carpet. It should be held tight for best look.
  • Arrange the carpet in a neat style such that the corners folded and tucked in.
  • Once the installation is complete provide vacuum to it again. This will set the carpet to the floor.
  • Admire the beauty of your carpet and have good time collecting information about it.

Other points to consider


  • Area which has more traffic should have a tough carpet which can bear the pressure.
  • People who keep pets must go for the carpet which is heat resistant and able to absorb the stain and marks.
  • Collect information about the room which carpet will be laid and the style you want.
  • Think about the result that you are looking for. It is to fulfill a purpose or to add beauty to the room.
  • Choose different colors according to the size of the room. For small rooms use light shades and dark colors for big rooms.
  • Plan your budget
  • Look for other details which are necessary

Thus with the help of the carpet you can give a different and appealing look to the room. Choosing the right combination of color and style will set an excellent background in the room. Floral prints and abstract shapes really embellish the room hence you can try the above options to enjoy a superb experience.

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  1. wool is naturally stain resistant/ anti-microbial and does not need to be washed frequently. usually a damp cloth and some mild detergent can take tough stains out. Sprinkle lots of salt on fresh tea, coffee, or red wine spill, and vacuum out. For an area rug it can be hauled away, washed and returned to you if it is heavily soiled.

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