Kitchen Storage Buying Guide

Kitchen storage units can serve a number of purposes. It increases the ease to reach to different sections of the kitchen and lift items without much problem. Thus when the kitchen is being renovated it is important that the position of the cabinets, appliances, benches etc is analyzed for better result.

The kitchen cabinets help you to manage your kitchen so that it looks neat and clean. For the people who have a difficulty in maintaining the kitchen can go with this option. Cleanliness is one of the most important requirements of the kitchen that makes it look beautiful. So design cabinets for different items so that the kitchen looks excellent.

Kitchen is an essential section of the house and its maintenance is definitely time taking. With storage units you can be comfortable and items will be easily accessible. In order to understand the kind of renovation required you must study the problems which you face while working in the kitchen. This will help you to find the right solution that will remove all the problems and give you comfort while cooking. If your kitchen has enough space then you can organize the cabinets according to your choice. But if your kitchen is small you will have to plan and then add cabinets and carts. So read this article to find a solution for small kitchens and how things can be managed to give efficiency as well as outcome.



The items which you require very frequently should be placed at a lesser height so that you can pick them up without any problem. Items which are not much in use can be either placed above frequently used items or below. The items which have no use should be placed at the top shelves. In this way your kitchen will look managed and you can easily search the items.

While storing the items you must ensure that you cover only a short distance to pick the things. This will not only save your time but you will not feel confused. You can divide the kitchen into various zones and each zone should be meant for a particular group of items. Some of the necessary zones include consumable items, cooking, cleaning items, non consumable etc. Therefore you can place the required items in each zone which will help you to find everything at the right place.


The height of the kitchen should be suitable enough so that you can reach the items and at the same time it does not create problem in working. If the cabinets are arranged at a huge height, you will be able to view it properly but will find difficulty in accessing the items. So a better way is to keep the cabinets at the right height which is about 50cm from the countertop.  If placed below this height you will face a number of problems.


Managing kitchen is not simple as you need to see the amount of space which you have and how much has to be utilized for the cabinets. The jars can be placed on racks but a better option is to use cupboards which will give a well organized look. If the cabinets are placed at a higher position it will be more spacious but it should be easily accessible.


You can organize your kitchen by hiding items which are not required while using the glass doors and lighting features for the cabinets. Even sitters can be used in case you want the items to be hidden.

Buying Kitchen Storage

Organizational solutions

If the kitchens are spacious it is easy to add furniture and cabinets according to the requirement. You can bring canisters and bins so that it can be placed on the shelves. Then you need to keep the utensils so you require a large and separate cabinet. For appliances you will need another cabinet which will give a neat look. If space is left you can utilize it for wine racks or even for buffet tables. Hence you can find different ways to make your kitchens unique.

Efficiency solutions

kitchen storage buying guide
When the kitchen is being constructed it is important that the position of the cabinets, appliances, benches etc is analyzed for better results

If the kitchens are compact then you surely have to think before. In such cases you can go for hanging pots which will make the best use of the wall. For the knife set you can bring a hanging rack which will release the space occupied. Shelving units can be employed for placing utensils and other accessories needed in the kitchen. Do not use drawers in the kitchen as it occupies too much area. Lazy Susans are a superb option which you can try as it gives a different look. You can also replace the plastic trash with a stainless steel one as no pedaling is required in this case.

Appliance garage

An appliance garage is the best option wherein you can arrange small appliances in a beautiful way. You can either get a wooden one or even a metal one is great and can be placed on the countertop. Thus you can use it whenever you want.

Baker’s rack

This rack is used to cool the baked items. It is usually made from wrought iron and consists of shelves made from wire. Apart from that it can be used for storing other items also. Some of the people have also designed a rack which can be used for keeping wine. For adding elegance you can use wicker baskets which are superb.

Buffet table

A buffet table is used for dual purposes as it can be used for dining and serving both. When you organize a small party you can place cocktails and other drinks in an exclusive manner. Different varieties of food can be displayed so that the guests can enjoy the party. You can add drawers underneath so that crockery items can be placed inside it. Storage spaces can be designed above the table which is called as hutch.

Cabinet and drawer organizer

Drawers and cabinets can help you to give a neat look to the kitchen. The size of the drawers can be according to the space. You can keep cups, utensils and other necessary items which cannot be kept open as it does not look nice. The cabinets can divided into different sections which help in simple arrangement.

Countertop accessories

If you have small kitchens then you can use different kinds of racks for placing the necessary items. You have breadboxes, holders, Lazy Susans which are ideal to arrange the things on the countertop.

Hanging pot rack

It is meant for keeping pots and pans. It is designed from a wooden material or even metal racks are preferable. Though the rack is mounted on the stove but it can also be hung on the wall.  Thus you can arrange the things in a better way and give an exclusive look.

Kitchen cart

Rolling kitchen cart is yet another option which you can consider. It consists of cabinets, shelves, racks etc which can accommodate the things which are more in use. It can be either placed in the kitchen or even the dining room is a good place. In some of the carts there is an additional space in case you have more things to add. If the cart is not movable then it called as Kitchen Island.

Lazy Susan

Kitchen Storage Buying Guide
The kitchen cabinets help you to manage your kitchen so that it looks neat and clean

Lazy Susan consists of different cabinets which are arranged in levels. It can be rotated with the help of wheels and items can be picked from any level you want. The wheels will allow you to get hold of the items which are placed on the back side. There is no need to make efforts to reach to it but just rotate the shelving unit. The purpose of various levels is to add space to the cupboard so that more items can be inside it. It is ideal for keeping items like spices, supplements, canned goods and many more things.

Storage canisters

Storage canisters can be used to keep away the plastic bags as well as the dry goods so that it can be used for a longer time. With such option the dry goods will not get bad and sealed. Some of the things which can be kept include sugar, rice flour, packed items and many other things. These containers come in a set so you can purchase the complete set of three canisters together. Thus you can get a good option to make use of the available space.

Quick Trick

  • Do not build the storage units all at once but determine the items which you will be storing and the amount of space in the kitchen. It should not look hap hazard but give a clean look. You can look for different cabinets for storing utensils, day to day items and lots of other stuff.
  • If you want to keep serving trays, platters, dishes, bowls, glasses etc then see the number of items that you will be placing in the draw. Based on that you need to ensure the right size of the cabinet.
  • Consider your budget so that you do not sped more. You can take the help of a project manager who can best guide you with the right storage units. They will tell you the exact cost according to the style that you want.
  • You will need to purchase the supplies so get the list prepared and shop on several stores. If discount is available then make the best use of the opportunity. This will help you to keep the budget low.
  • Take the help of the magazines and online option to look for different styles that can be added to the kitchen. There are custom designs as well as semi custom designs which you can select. You can visit the home improvement stores who will tell you about the latest styles. Thus after collecting complete information you can decide.
  • There is a variety in door styles and cabinets so you can consider your budget and your choice. These are simple to install and can be fitted by you. There is no need to hire any professional for doing the work. This will save a lot of money.
  • You can try the different kinds of glides which are needed in the kitchen. Standard glides are not able to rotate hence become a source of problem. The capacity should be around 75 lbs which is the correct one.
  • If you are going for wooden work then select the best quality wood so that it gives a perfect finish. There is an option to bargain hence look for several options before you set the order.

Fitting Details

  • Lazy Susan is the ideal option for the items which are kept on the back side. You can easily view them and access them through the wheels.
  • You can get numerous types of Lazy Susan but ½ types are best for small items.
  • There are semi circular shelves which can be pulled out to take out the items which are needed. It has an extension track to fulfill the purpose.
  • Pull out frames are best for floor cupboards as it can be used for carrying a variety of items. It has a wire basket which gives a spacious look to the cupboard.
  • Pull out pantries can also be selected which is used by sliding the cupboard.
  • Slide out baskets can be placed inside the cupboards as it adds to the space and allows you to pick things without disturbing other items. The size of the basket will depend upon the size of the cupboard that you have in your kitchen.
  • Wire racks are best use for holding bottles. Whenever required you can pick any bottle from the rack and place it in the same position.
  • For collecting garbage you can you can add a separate bin which can be used for this purpose. You can purchase the ones which open automatically without touching it. So it will not take much space and the kitchen will have no waste material lying here and there.
  • Lift up shelves can be a unique option where you can place the processor and other needed items. The height of the shelves should be such that the appliance can be used when the rack is pulled by means of a string. According to your need you can even add another bench shelf for use.
  • Some extra shelves should be present in the cupboard so that you can adjust the new things which are added to the kitchen.

Other points to consider

  • Sliding drawers are mostly preferred for kitchens because it is comfortable in use and consumes less space. Cupboards are not much in use nowadays
  • The doors of the cupboard should open and close smoothly.
  • Use D handles because its grip is tight and can be used for a long time.
  • For more protection you can go for magnetic closures so that even if you leave the door it will automatically get closed.
  • The hinges of the door should be at an angle of 180 degrees and not at 90 degrees. It is because larger the angle, easier it will be to reach the cupboards.
  • Mobile trolleys can also be used if you want to move items from one place to another.
  • The installation cost will depend upon the material that you will use and the design that you pick. System 32 is a kind of style which you can select. It has pre drilled holes of size 32 mm and it can easily accommodate drawers, shelves, rack etc in the cupboard. You can also add baskets which is a good option to increase the space.

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