Hot Interior Design Colors for 2011

Colors are the most important element in interior designing. They are essential in each and every aspect of designing a beautiful home. They even describe your taste and lifestyle, be it home or an office. Colors add spice to your mood and atmosphere. Hot interior design colors 2011 tends to transfer the same feeling. These are more associated with natural colors along with metallic sheen. The finishes and the smoothness of the metallic surface will provide you the actual feeling of cleanliness and would exhilarate high energy.

Some of the hot interior design colors of 2011 are listed below:

True Purple

Purples mostly builds up a generous and charming atmosphere. Painting walls with purple color will exhilarate high energy and is one of the best solutions for everyday decor. True purple is still an excellent choice if you want to make a bold move. But, light hues of purple, mauve with natural shades of white or gray would be a delightful combination. Bluer shades of purple are still popular in all interior designing.


Honeysuckle is a most trendy color. As, pink color is indeed everybody’s favorite, Honeysuckle will an excellent color to decorate your room. The color installs encouragement and confidence in one’s life.  Honeysuckle with white or brown can do wonders to your home decor.

Vintage Wine

Hot Color Trends of 2011

Vintage wine gives a luxurious look to your home decor. As this color gives a quite heavy look to the interiors you can pair it with lighter shades of floor, ceiling or furniture.

Peacock Blue

Peacock blue is one of the amazing colors. Painting walls with peacock color will give a modern and refreshing look to your room. You can combine it with lighter hues like white, gray or cream to give your room a ravishing effect.


Grey color remains one of the popular colors among people. Grey paint can range from almost pale to very dark shades.  Grey color can be used for painting walls but is highly popular in fabrics and furniture in 2011. Light gray walls along with white or yellow sofa cushions and grey striped curtains would add a superb punch to your home decor.

Pearl Silver

This is the coolest color of the season. It is infused with little bit of metallic sheen. This color when incorporated can give a superb effect. It is hard to imagine painting all the walls in silver color but you can choose any one wall of your room and can give a classic look to your interiors. It is the best color for Kitchens.


This color remains a trendy color in interior designing. You can combine light shades of blue with lavender to give your bedroom a romantic look. Light blue curtains with sprigs of lavender would add soothing and relaxing accent to your room. You can also combine Lavender with other Neutral shades like cream or grey.


It is the most amazing color and is useful for drawing attention. It ranges from goldenrod to florescent and can be used in living rooms, Kids room etc. However, coloring all walls with brighter shades of yellow would not be a good idea in a bedroom as it can cause feeling of restlessness or hostility.


Burgundy though is dark color but is still beautiful in it own. You can complement your wall color with burgundy color sofas and other furniture.  It mixes well with colors like white, cream and beige.


Green color is mostly associated with nature. It builds a soothing and comfortable environment. You can try decorating walls with tint of green to add an element of harmony and friendliness in your room.


Brown shades and earthy tones still remain popular color in 2011. You can add a sense of comfort in your room.


Aqua is popular because of its versatility. It gets fit easily with traditional or modern style decors. It builds an amazing look to the interiors and since it is classified as receding, it makes the smaller room look bigger and spacious.


It is the color of love, healing and creativity. It builds a soothing and cool environment in home. It is one of the powerful colors and can be used to decorate your interiors.


Orange gives a fresh look to the interiors and is apparently one of the hot interior design colors of 2011. Brighten your space with combination of white and orange color. You can use it as in flooring, ceiling or in kitchen cabinets.

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