Vastu plays a very important role in day to day life. It helps in creating a right balance of right energy keeping in account right direction across house. It majorly influences the overall wellbeing of the entire family and helps in keeping harmony and peace in the home. Vastu not just deals with construction of house in right directions but it also deals with placing right things in the right direction in any room as well. Placing furniture, appliances in the right direction can build up a positive change in your health, wealth and life.

There are many aspects that you should keep in mind while placing electronic appliances according to Vastu principles. Few of them are discussed below:

Vastu for Kitchen appliances

Kitchen is normally considered as the backbone of the home. It is more than just a place of cooking. A healthy kitchen can lead to healthy family and therefore it also becomes important to keep electrical appliances at the right place. Vastu recommends South-East directions for electrical appliances placed in the kitchen. The direction of refrigerator should be in South-East, south, west or north direction. Any other direction can have an adverse effect on the family. Heaters, conventional ovens, micro-waves ovens, mixer grinders should be placed in South-East or South side of the kitchen. Exhaust fans in the kitchen should always be fitted on the Eastern walls in the South-East corner.

Vastu for Television

If you have a television room then there are some guidelines which you should keep in mind. Television room is a place well known for entertainment. Vastu recommends South-East direction for placing Television in the room. Vastu opposes to place television in North-East or South-West corner. Avoid keeping television in the bedroom as it may throw negative energy. If you have kept the television in the room then avoid keeping it directly opposite to your bed, as it acts like a mirror and placing a mirror in front of your bed normally generates negative energy.

Vastu for Cooler and A.C

Always place Cooler or A.C in west or north direction of your room. Avoid placing them in South-East direction or North-West direction as this can bring in negative energy. Landline telephone should always be placed in East, North or South-East directions. It should not be in South-West or the North-West corners.

Vastu for Geyser and Heater

Geyser and other electrical appliances like heater and switchboard should be installed in South-East corner of bathroom. Vastu opposes to place television in North-East or South-West corner. You can place your washing machine in the North-West or South-East direction in the bathroom.

Vastu for Computers

Computers or laptops should be placed in South-East corner. Avoid placing computer in front of your bed as it will act as a mirror and can release negative rays in your room.

Other Electronic items

Lighting of living room should be bright. Have soft and dim lighting in the bedroom. This will help in building a soothing or relaxing environment in the room. It will also help in building a positivity atmosphere. You can have an up-lighter in the South-East corner of your bedroom. This will bring positivity and good health. You can also use table lamps or hanging lamp shades to lighten up our room. For children room a table lamp helps in concentrating on the task. If your child wants to use table lamp, then it should be placed in South-East direction of the study table.


  1. Wow, amazing content and very good detailed info about Vastu. can you please guide me in which direction the freeze is perfect for our north direction house? please reply me soon

  2. Hi, what are the remedies if the washing machine has to be in south? (Thats the only place i have). And i have a french window and balcony exactly South West direction of my apartment. Please suggest

  3. Respected sir i have one doubt if washing machine in north east corner is there any effects or its good . on that area small place is also there is there any problems please help me

  4. My house is east facing, main gate on right side kitchen east facing I have some electronics component in my home, in which location I can keep

  5. why avoid a.c in north west direction. I think it is the right place to fix a.c in NORTH EAST.Can you explain plz.what is right or what is wrong.

  6. Hi, I have read your website and understand about vastu. But the thing is, you are talking about all electrical items should be at south east, South East and south east. If this is a building house what you say can be done. But if it is a bought flat how to put all the electric items in South East. Please try to help people for those have bought flats. How many people can built their own house???
    Hopefully, you can give an alternative for electrical items and other things, too.
    Grateful and thankful for your help.

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