The rules of vastu are very unique for different elements. When we talk about the east facing homes then there are various different rules that need to be followed in order to create the right balance. There are certain very imperative principles that you need to follow if your home is situated in the east facing direction. You will see that as the sun rises from the east, this direction is very important when it comes to the principles of vastu. If your home is situated in this direction then you must keep the area open and it should not be covered with too many things. It is a general belief that north and east facing plots are very good for striking a harmonic balance that is why most people consider purchasing plots facing this direction only.

You will see that the northwest facing plots are just perfect when it comes to construction of your home, but for this you also need to keep various important points in mind. In this article, my main focus would be to tell you about the vastu shastra principles for east facing houses:

Open space in the house

You will see that in east facing houses the front area should have more open space as compared to the back of the house. This is laid down by the special principles of the vastu. Another factor that you must keep in mind is that open space should be more in the north east direction of the house as compared to the south west direction. In order to bring peace and harmony, you must also locate your front door entrance in the northern portion of the house. Arch shaped design of the gate should be avoided at all costs.

Construction of the house

Vastu Shastra for East Facing House
Vastu Shastra for East Facing House

Various important points have to be kept in mind during the construction of the building. The south west portion of the east facing homes should never be vacant and some type of construction should always be done in that area. If you want you can get a servant’s room or a garage constructed in that area in order to allocate that space in the most appropriate manner. If you are getting a garage constructed in this area then it should always touch the main building of the house.

Construction of the bedroom and bathroom

The construction of the bedroom and the bathroom also requires special consideration. The master bedroom should always be in the south western portion of the house and the people should sleep with their head facing the north direction. While placing the bed in the room, make sure that it is never placed in middle the room. The guest and the kid’s bedroom can be located in the north western portion of the house. Make sure that you get the bathrooms constructed the south east or the south western portion of your home.

Kitchen area

Your kitchen should always face the south east direction of the house. All the utensils and kitchen appliances should be kept in the north east direction only.

Dining room

The dining room can be located in the eastern or the western portion but it should be near the kitchen area facing the north direction. If the direction is appropriate then this would lead to prosperity and harmony.

So, in order to strike the balance of harmony and peace it is very essential to follow these vastu principles for you east facing home.


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  1. my house is north facing . in which direction should i place buddha poster or buddha idol . which will be prefect for my home

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