Window Hardware Guide and Ideas

The article deals with various types of window hardware available in the market. This guide will also help you in taking decisions so that you can end up purchasing the right material for your house.

Things to do before purchasing window hardware:

A Window

A wide variety of materials are available in the market with reference to windows decor. There are many options available in terms of design, style and energy efficiency. Before purchasing any window hardware a proper planning is required. Firstly, you should be aware of the climate where you are staying or are planning to purchase the house. For example, if you are living in a hot climate then you would like your home to be cooler. For this purpose you can opt for the window with lower ‘U’. However, if you are staying in a colder place like hill station then you need to choose for the energy efficient insulated glasses that can prevent from heat losses. After assessing the climate, the next step should be to get yourself acquainted with your personal preferences based on which you would like to design your interiors. This activity would help you in choosing or purchasing the right material for your house.

Lastly, if you are planning to renovate or planning to replace the windows, then before moving ahead, consider the architectural elements of your home.  For example you would not like to consider traditional wooden windows frames with modern contemporary home interiors.

Now we would discuss different types of window hardware available in the market:

Wood: Wood is one of the common materials used for constructing windows. It has been the most popular material since ages. Wooden frames for windows add a different style to the home decor. It not only looks elegant but is also a strong material and is good in terms of energy efficiency. The wooden frames can be made of different designs and patterns. You can also paint them as per your preferences and requirement. However, the only default of this type of material is that it requires lot of maintenance.  You have to paint them and maintain them very often so as to keep them from problems like termite.

Steel: Steel is also one of the commonly used materials. The steel window frames can be often seen in older houses. These are mainly used at the window basements. Steel is durable in nature and is commonly used in stormy places. The steel window frames are highly energy efficient. However, one of the drawbacks of steel frames is that it requires regular maintenance. You have to repaint it to safeguard it from rust.

Aluminum: It is strong as steel. It does not need much maintenance and is also durable. It provides an option to paint different types of colors without any regular maintenance. However, this material is not as energy efficient as steel is.

Fiberglass: It is a new material. Fiberglass is highly energy efficient and is durable as well. It can be used in warm as well as colder places. This material does not need any maintenance and is therefore highly recognized. The only disadvantage of this material is that it is too expensive to afford for a common man.

Vinyl: Vinyl is not an expensive material. It is durable as well as fairly energy efficient. This material need no maintenance and thus can be used without any fear of spoilage. It provides an option to paint different types of colors to match your home décor without any maintenance.


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