Window Treatments for Boys Room

You will see that children have different needs when it comes to decorating their room. They would want their room to be decorated with creative designs which they can relate with.  There are various elements that you need to keep in mind while decorating your boy’s room. Boy’s like room decor that is sophisticated and simple. When it comes to window treatment then there are a large number of options that you can opt for. All the options would surely make the room look extremely beautiful. You can purchase materials that are durable and long lasting and would provide your child the protection that they need.

I would like to tell you that the difficulty is compounded if he shares the space with one more sibling and you have two children whose likes and dislikes are competing for the same room.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that this may be convenient than you understand; just centre on easy-to-update ornamental elements like window treatments and bedclothes. Stick to more general designs and colours when it comes to big purchases.

Boy’s Room Window Treatment Options

It’s approximately a given fact that you’ll want a durable and easy-to-clean alternative since this is a child’s room. But it’s also significant to think things like light superiority.

You will see that the light is another important aspect of the room. If your kid is using the bedroom as the play room then sufficient light is very important for them. Or if your son is a chiefly early riser, you want a covered window handling that will productively splotch out the early morning brightness to try to grasp an additional hour of sleep in the daybreak.

Solitude is another matter, chiefly if the homes in your area are close together or his window faces the street. Once you’ve resolute what your requirements are, you can focus on treatments that suit for budget.

You will see that the three most popular options that you can select for your boy’s bedroom area curtains, mini blinds, and roller shades.

I would like to tell you that curtains can really make your child’s bedroom extremely beautiful and they also come in some interesting colours and designs that would simply look great. They’re also simple to preserve, and they’re one of the mainly lucrative alternatives out there.

Another important thing that I would like to tell you is drapes that are simple to fit and restore, and they come in a diversity of patterns. If your child is totally wild for a precise cartoon or movie character, drapes may be your most excellent bet. Though, they’re hard to open and close in contrast to the other alternatives, so if your youngster spends a lot of time in his room during the daytime, you may desire to choose one more alternative that allows for convenient light management. If light management is a matter, you may want to think an easy-to-open window treatment alternative.

You will see that Mini blinds are also simple to fit, and they unlock and shut very effortlessly. They’re also extremely cheap. The main difficulty of blinds is that the available colours and patterns are pretty inadequate. Think about using mini blinds as a part of a covered approach with a valance or ornamental paint scheme to touch up the plan elements.

If you are not finding a good option for your child’s room then you can also go for the roller shades that would really look good. They come in different designs and colours which can be selected according to your needs and preferences. Though, it may be hard for younger boys to get to the curtains to pull them closed, so you may require finding an alternative with a pull cord. All of the above options can be covered or joint with a valance to with no trouble make a modified window treatment that will make your child’s room look extremely beautiful.

Below stated are some very beautiful themes that you can use for window treatment in your child’s room:

A budding astronomer

Many children are just crazy about space, stars and sky.  If your kid is also interested in these elements then you can consider decorating the room with these designs only. Attach glow-in-the-dark stars on the top, or drape it in white Christmas lights. Or go with a simple black roller shadow and dye the window border to look like a rocket ship, inclusive of flames beneath.

The star bowler or batsman

Window Treatments for Boys Room
Window Treatments for Boys Room

A lot of pennant comes with grommet holes or a pocket upon which they can be attached or you can purchase brilliantly coloured plastic clips to fasten them to the drape rod.

The avid outdoorsman

Children who enjoy various outdoor activities should be allowed to decorate their own rooms in different styles and colours. Use simple flannel sheets and numerous animal prints on the walls. Try a natural fibre wood roller blind, or pair some plaid drapes with a cord of hanging pine cones.

Military theme

For a military-themed bedroom, you can buy curtains in disguise or red, blue prints, white or you can modify your own. Try a red roller dark with a dark blue valance and fasten some iron-on military scraps to the material.

Knight theme

This is a great chance to hearten your son to be imaginative. You can offer your child various different colours from which he can select the best one for the room. Buy some cheap wooden swords at an expertise store and hang them on top of the windows to finish the look.


You will see that children usually boys are very particular about their favourite characters like super heroes and other cartoon characters. You will see that if you want these elements can easily be included in the design.  If your son is obsessed on one of the more ordinary characters, you should almost certainly be able to find a set of curtains in the right outline. But what if he’s got to have a less accepted character and you’ve looked all over but can’t find the drapes? One option is to go with a plain curtain or drapes and make your own design. Find some stickers and use scatter glue to make them stay.

Colored Stripes

There are some very distinct colours that your boy would simply love them it comes to the window treatment. Colours like hunter green, blue and burgundy would work best for you. This goes with a lot of themes, such as maritime or woods themes. Striped drapes also work well in a bedroom that is tinted in main colours. Use these colours in stripy drape panels that go downwards to the floor.  If you want to make the room look prettier then you can also make use of the curtain ties that is very efficient.

Blue Blinds

A great way in which you can really make your child happy is by selecting the colours that they would most prefer. These are a coil on the standard perpendicular blinds, which are typically white. Not only do these offer privacy to the bedroom, but also chunk out light which will help your boy sleep well. You must always tie the strings attached to the curtains in a very organized manner otherwise your child can get hurt easily.

I am sure this article would provide you all the important information that you require about decorating your boy’s Room. You will see that the window treatment that is done from children’s bedroom is completely different from what is done for the adults. There are various different themes and designs that you can select from and they would surely provide you the decorative element that you are looking for. You can also take the help of professionals who would guide you about the best ways in which window treatment is done.

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