Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Countertops play a very important role in bathroom. They not only give a different style to the bathroom but also create a place to work.  The every material you use for creating a countertop affects the mood and soul of the person. Therefore, it is important be very conscious while selecting the material for bathroom countertops. There are many materials available in the market. Laminate, marble, granite, slate etc are few popular materials. It is important to choose material that can resist alcohol and acidic products. Following are the different materials which are commonly used to create suitable countertops:

Stone: Stone countertops give a luxurious and rich appearance to the bathroom. They are also durable in nature. Most stone countertops need little maintenance like polish. They are available in many colors and finishes.  Following are some of the natural stones which you can use to create countertops in your bathroom.

Granite Granite countertops are one of the most durable stone countertops. It is well known for its durability and is highly resistant to heat.

Marble – Marble countertops give a wonderful look to the bathroom. They are more porous in nature than granite. Though these countertops need more maintenance therefore it is advised to use marble only for small sections.

Limestone – Limestone is more porous in nature as compared to marble. They are available in various colors; however, as their density depends mainly on their variety, they get easily scratched as compared to others.

Slate – Slate countertops come in number of tones like grey, green, purple, and black. They appeals to everyone and carries a high density. Slates are also non absorbent in nature. This makes it resistant to bacteria and heat.

Soapstone – Soapstone is made of mineral known as talc.  Any stains on soapstone can be quickly sanded out from the counter.  They are highly resistant to alcohol and acids. They are available in many colors and need less maintenance.

Engineered Quartz – They are one of the favorite countertops. They are easy to take care and are resistant to heat, water and acids. They are available in wide ranges and are non-porous in nature. However, they are quite expensive as compared to other natural stones.

Enameled Lava Enameled lava stone is a highly luxurious natural stone. These stone are definitely sexy and give a fresh look to the bathroom. These stones are non porous and are resistant to water and acids.

Laminated Stone – These are thin pieces of granite or any other stone embedded with fiberglass. They are light in weight and are flexible than any other solid natural stone.

Solid-Surfacing – These are made of plastic composites and are available in wide varieties of size shapes and colors. They give a wonderful look. These are non porous.

Other Materials: Other than natural stone countertops, you can opt for countertops made of other materials like glass, plastic and metal.

Ceramic Tile: They come in wide range of colors, and textures. The ceramic tile is resistant to moisture. They are available in different deigns as well.

Glass – Glass is one of the sexy countertop options. It looks fantastic in the bathroom. As glass countertops are normally available in one piece and are cut on orders and therefore carry extreme hygiene. They are non-porous and are stain proof. They are extremely resistant to heat as well.

Glass Slabs – You can create an excellent look in the guest bathroom with glass slabs. It is advised to use frosted glasses as these glasses hides the water strains and any other scratches.

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