Girls Bathroom Design Ideas

Is your little girl fond of spending most of her time in front of the mirror? Then it’s the best time to gift her new bathroom with a unique decor design. You can make her feel happy by decorating her bathroom with all her favorite colors. Decorating a bathroom is not a difficult task neither it requires more money. The only thing which it requires is creativity and time. You can create a pretty place for your little princess where she can dress up and spend her wonderful time there. Here are few ways of decorating your little princess bathroom:

Ducky stylish Bathroom:
Start painting your bathroom with vibrant yellow color. You can also paint at least one wall with vibrant yellow to make it attractive. You can also find a rubber ducky border. Place the same in the middle of the wall all the way round the bathroom to give a ducky theme. Now paint lower half of the wall with different shades of blue like sea blue or turquoise and paint the upper half of the wall with vibrant yellow. You can also draw rubber ducks all over the walls with the stencil and paint them. If you do not want to paint then you can also apply wall paper all over the walls.

Princess Style:

A bathroom decorated for a girl

Decorate your girl’s bathroom to make her feel like a princess. Pink, purple and royal blue are the royal choices to decorate the bathroom. You can use Gold and silver accents to give a rich touch. Place tiny toothbrush holder and soap dish that match the bathroom décor. Attach framed mirrors in the bathroom to add a character to the bathroom.

Hello Kitty decorating theme:
You can also decorate the bathroom with Hello kitty themes. Hang a collection of Hello Kitty accessories like toothbrush, towels, and soap dish around the bathroom. They are inexpensive and can be easily replaceable once your princess wants to change it to other theme.

Floral theme Bathrooms:
You can decorate your girl’s bathroom with a black and red color floral scheme. This would add a whimsical look within the bathroom. You can try combinations of black and red color to decorate her bathroom.  It would be fun for your girl to observe countertops, walls, drawers decorated with floral textures while taking bath.

Beach theme Bathroom:
Your girl’s bathroom will experience a complete makeover with this theme. Create a beach themed retreat for your princess with warm blue color shades and watery blue colored accents. Decorate the bathroom with soft linens and seating. Add some creative mirror frames to the walls with collage of sea shells. Hang blue color shower curtains or shell beaded blinds. You can place a shell like soap dish and a tooth brush holder to give it a unique look.

Check board Bathroom:
Create a checkerboard design in your girl’s bathroom. It is one of the simple and easy ways to bring in eye popping look to the bathroom. You can construct a checkerboard design by combining bold colors, like yellow and orange or red and yellow. You can make borders on the wall using this style. Place some fresh beautiful flowers to give it a wonderful look.

Storybook theme based Bathroom:
Choose a story book theme to decorate your princess bathroom. There are so many good stories available to choose from, like “Winne the Pooh” or “Cinderella”, “dog and the bone” etc. Choose characters from the theme and draw them on bathroom walls. You can take help of stencils as well.

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