Boys Bathroom Design Ideas

One of the best things about designing the bathroom for boys is that you need not have to do much of the planning and assessment. Decorating the kid’s room is not a difficult task however it is the only place where you can just go wild with your creativity within your budget limits. You can paint over the walls, place colorful toys and decorate according to your kids taste and preferences.

There are wide number of themes to decorate your kid’s bathroom. You can also use simple decoration ideas on the walls to make the bathroom look attractive. Painting of walls with different color combinations is the cheapest and easiest way to decorate the bathroom. You can also draw pictures on the bathroom walls based on your themes. Here are few ideas to help you in painting kids bathroom and hence making it attractive and beautiful.

Race Car theme:
Decorate your kid bathroom with car racing theme. You can use wallpapers with mini cars or can draw them on the wall with the help of stencils.  Decorate the bathroom with theme based accessories.  Use clean white fixtures

Underwater theme:
Make your kid’s bathroom more fun with this theme. Create a watery world in the bathroom for your kids with bright and beautiful colors. Paint a deep blue sea with marine life and allow your kid to swim with the fish in their sea blue bathroom. Add clouds, sunlight to the ceiling and create a feel of ocean floor around the bathroom. Use a solid blue color shower curtain and different shaped hangers. Place tortoise shaped soap dishes, and fish shaped toothbrush holders along with different shaped creatures for lotion dispensers.

Aquarium theme:

Aquarium based theme

If your child spends most of the time in glancing the fish tank then decorating your kids bathroom with fun aquarium based theme would be an amazing ideas.
Paint the bathroom with combinations of Blue and white colors. You can use blue color tiles around the bathroom walls to give a underwater wonderland effect. You can place fish shaped soap dishes, turtle shaped sponges, star fish shaped soaps etc to give a fun touch to the bathroom. You can also place wash basin with an aquarium in it.

Space theme based bathroom:
Boys are more attracted towards the space. Just paint the bathroom wall with simple white color and decorate the bathroom with creative space transports. You can also draw geometric figures and color them with bright colors to give the bathroom a more dramatic look. Place accessories to match the theme.

Circus Bathroom:
Circus is the one towards which boys are more attracted to. They are more attracted towards animals, clowns, balloons etc.  Use wall papers and posters to decorate the bathroom. Decorate the room with nostalgic color scheme.

Sports Bathroom:

Sports based theme

Decorating the bedroom with sports based theme is a traditional boy theme. Paint the bathroom walls with your kid’s favorite sports team. You can also paint multiple teams with different colors as per your kid’s choice.  You can also buy the poster and get it enlarged and paste it on the wall with a water proof covering. Use solid color bath towels with team’s logo on it. Decorate countertops with footballs, baseballs etc to give a sporty look.

Jungle Bathroom:
You can paint the bathroom with Jungle adventures. You can decorate the bathroom walls with heaps of wild animals. Buy or enlarge posters with different animals and attach them on the walls. To give a real jungle look you can make wooden cabinets hung on one of the tree branches. Place animal framed mirrors to give it an amazing look.

Boys loves surfing theme. Hang matching blue towels with blue color toilet coverings. Add accessories like surfboard-shaped soap dispensers and hangers.

Beach Bathroom:
Create a beach themed retreat for your prince with warm blue color shades and watery blue colored accents. Add some creative mirror frames to the walls with collage of sea shells. Hang blue color shower curtains or shell beaded blinds. You can place a shell like soap dish and a tooth brush holder to give it a unique look.

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