Colonial Home Decor

The Colonial Home decoration was found in America and it was because of the settlers who came in the 18th century. This was the time when the country became independent and this architecture caught the eye of the people. The new people who came there were very fond of this art and learnt it from the native people. They tried to mix the European style with the Colonial one and came up with a new style that was refreshing and related to their life. As time passed the style was refreshed with some innovative touch and it was called as American Colonial Style.

The decoration is simple and perfect for homes. As compared to the formal styles the colonial style requires less maintenance and is very unique. It is not fussy at all but quite exclusive.  With the help of the natural shades you can create any type of design that you want which gives a brilliant look. The right material will give a perfect finish to the decoration and make it creative.

If you are looking for a formal style then it will be better that you go with the dark shades as it creates a superb effect. The fabric which is used can be heavy so that you are able to create the look of a Victorian style.

This style is very much popular among the people and you can find it in many homes which are located near the East coast and the Southern colonies. The plans of the colonies can range from the Georgian style to the French one but each one has a unique exterior and interior that makes the difference.

Selecting the simple design is the best way to adorn the homes as it preserves the elegance. Since the colonial homes are small so less amount of light is there. If you use light shades then it will be simple to create some light in the room. Even streamline designs are very much preferable.

There is one unique feature which sets this style apart and it is the central hallway as well as central Stairway. It consists of two storey’s with each one having a fireplace to add warmth to both the floors.


If you like the colonial styles then add colors which give a colonial touch to the room. It will be good that you mix some shades together so that it gives a vibrant appearance. Usually the color of the walls is kept as cream and wooden walls are present. Some other colors include the shades of green, brown, taupes etc. Such colors are ideal for cushions and drapery to add an excellent look. Dull colors are also used as it gives an exclusive look to the room like olive red, forest green and many more.

As wallpapers were costly at that time therefore stenciling was done to create beautiful designs. Fruits as well as flowers are mostly created to add freshness to the design.

Colonial decor Walls and Floors

Hardwood flooring is quite common in almost all the homes but the homes which are cooler can go for sisal rungs which are definitely the best. You can select any color you want as it will help in adding warmth to the home. Wallpaper together with the borders was a fashion at that time.

  • Floral as well as oriental rugs can help to increase the warmth of the rooms.
  • Colonial Home Décor
    Colonial Home Décor

    Sisal rugs are another option as it keeps the dust as well as dirt away from your home.

  • The walls can be painted or even whitewashed with the right shade.
  • Wallpapers are lined by borders or even stencils can also be used. Patterns of flowers and fruits were very common.
  • You can try different designs which can be mixed with chair rails, wainscoting and molding.
  • The motifs of birds and flowers really look stunning.
  • The floral patterns can be integrated with the antique style which brings out the real beauty.
  • Brass wallpapers can be decorated with the help of the mirrors.
  • You can arrange the black and white pictures together within a single frame.
  • The trim beam can be used to try something innovative for decoration.
  • Fireplace can be surrounded with marbles that will look awesome.

Colonial decor Furniture

The furniture in the colonial style is simple. Whether it is the chair or it is the table the design will be simple yet unique.  Natural wood is used and finishing is done to make it look beautiful. Paints and other stuff are not used for decoration.

Common materials

  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Iron

Other key elements of the furniture style for the Colonial home include:

  • For colonial style the furniture should be made from dark wood like mahogany.
  • The simple look will add a rusty feeling.
  • A rectangular dinner table comes in colonial style only. Couches, chairs, upholsters etc can be added to enhance the appearance.
  • Button tufting as well as elaborate trims is quite well known.
  • If you love wooden furniture then try Sheraton, Chippendale or Hepplewhite which is different.
  • Chair with slat backs give a pure colonial style.
  • Cherry pattern of the cushion can be used on the couches.
  • The chairs as well as the tables can be placed at the corners which are empty so as to give a colonial look.
  • The modern equipments like television can be hidden or put off when they are not used.
  • If the furnishing is stained then it will give a colonial look rather than painting it.

Colonial decor Accessories

The shelves, ceilings or the countertops can be embellished with the European style accessories. Paintings and sculptures are commonly found in this style. For more appealing look you can display items made from fine-china which is an excellent option. The French and Georgian style are more or less the same with little difference. Some exclusive ideas for wall decoration are given below:-

  • You can put the white and black photographs together within a simple frame.
  • Colonial Home Décor
    Colonial Home Décor

    Hand woven baskets are a superb option for décor.

  • Craft items depicting the European style can be added.
  • The antiques made of gold, silver and bronze will look excellent.
  • Embellish the windows with colorful draperies.
  • Separate holders for magazines as well as umbrella made from iron.
  • Wooden nesting boxes
  • Large wall mirrors
  • Painted as well as glazed stoneware and earthenware look natural.
  • Hang a few herbs tied in a string.
  • Add a few photographs of some of the special moments by keeping it in a frame.
  • Floral or fruit designs are quite popular in wallpaper or stenciling technique.
  • Prepare a display of the products made from fine china.
  • A still life painting will look stunning.

Table and counter decoration ideas

  • The tin plates can be lined along the mantle or the counter.
  • A row of glazed stoneware can be kept for display.
  • Some beautiful vases along with the handmade painting can be put together.
  • Hand woven baskets will create a different look.
  • Fern can be planted in a designer or hand painted vessel.

Lighting ideas

  • Tiffany lamps
  • Table lamps decorated with stained glass are beautiful.
  • Ceramic covers can be used for embellishing the lights.
  • Chandeliers act as a perfect center piece.

General Colonial Style Decorating Ideas

The colonial style can be imitated easily as it gives an elegant look to the room and the home. For a rusty setting you will have to go in that period to bring the original look. Below are the few ideas which you can incorporate in your homes to give a colonial style.

  • The colonial kitchens are painted with a flat color so that it gives a rich effect. For more real look you can hang a few utensils in the kitchen.
  • To decorate the bedrooms and the living area you can use chair rails which is a superb option. Painting after that gives a brilliant effect. Panel effect or the patchwork quilts will help you to decorate the room with complete theme.
  • Windsor chair is a typical colonial style chair and will give a perfect setting to the room.
  • Pillows which are needlepoint really look great and it gives a homely feeling. It makes the room to be warm.
  • The curtains in the room are important so go for colors which are plain but the headings can be heavy to give a bright look. Wooden poles are preferred in comparison to the metal ones.
  • Pewter crockery is quite in demand and was used in the colonial homes. If you want you can arrange the crockery in the display in your living area.
  • The walls should be covered with wood as it gives a matt finish. You can try mahogany which is very popular.
  • If you want the marble effect then you can use the paint accordingly.
  • Colonial houses are sophisticated hence bay windows serve a good purpose as you can adjust the amount of light in the room.
  • Crown molding can be a great choice.
  • The door can be embellished with something unique as it is the entrance and everyone who come focus at that point only. So try to add something which is exclusive and goes with the colonial style too.

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