Bedroom Window Treatments Ideas

Decorating the windows is necessary as it changes the overall appeal of the room and at the same time adds beauty to the windows too. One would certainly think of the fabrics and the styles which are present to choose from.

How you will decide about the right decoration that looks awesome in your bedroom?

There are three unique types of window treatment which can be applied to the windows but follow the below tips so that you are able to get the best result.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes is a wonderful option which you can try but still there are some changes which can add an exclusive look to the windows. If your bedroom is simple in design then you can go for shades which are plain as it looks perfect. You can blend it with the romantic as well as elegant these that really bring out the beauty of the room.

Valances too prove an excellent choice as it can be used to cover the top portion of the window and improve the appearance of the window. Hence it can serve two purposes which are very good. Though the valances are made from fabrics only but wooden material is also good and can be painted in a variety of shades. Tuscan as well as French designs are very popular and can be merged with superb window treatments. Whether it is the bedroom or the living area the valances are an incredible option that can add privacy and look wonderful too.

If you are looking for a romantic theme in your room then drapes can do the work. By selecting a heavy fabric you can also create a Victorian or a French style that gives an awesome look. If your room has tall windows then this kind of appearance will surely suit the window but in case the height is less then do not try this option as it may not look stunning.

Wooden Shutters and Blinds

Bedroom Window Treatments Ideas
Bedroom Window Treatments Ideas

The wooden blinds are also a good option as it can be used either alone or with the combination of drapes and curtains. You can use it to create privacy in the room too.

You have basically two types of shutters that you will come across. One is plantation shutters while other one is cafe shutters.

Plantation shutters are used to cover the entire window and louvers are arranged that allow the required amount of light to pass through the window. Such shutters can be combined with either plantation style or with the country style that is quite different.

The Cafe shutters are different from the above one as it covers only the lower portion of the window. The beach style is one of the exclusive styles which bring out the beauty of the room. You can even try the country style as well as the Paris style.

Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds are an option that can go with any theme you like. It is the ideal setting which you can give to your bedroom. It can be embellished with the help of the poms- poms and fringes. Even ribbons can be a wonderful option to try and decorate the windows.

Roman blinds are the section for the kid’s room as it is innovative and gives a fresh look to the room. Informal styles are also suited to this choice as it can be used for getting the amount of sunlight which is needed.

Festoons require lots of fabric so as to give a puffy look. It helps in creating a romantic mood or you can get a Victorian style too. But the main problem is that the windows must be wide because it does not appear good in case of small windows.

Every home can be decorated with the right window treatment. There are numerous styles to try according to your taste.

You can try shutters, blinds or drapes everything will be perfect if you keep the following things in mind.

  • Consider what you need

If you are embellishing your windows then you need to see that the right exposure of light is there together with the privacy. Keep the two tips in mind while selecting the fabric.

Semi dim look is great if you want that proper amount of sunlight enters the room. You may want to get the complete view from the bedroom or want to avoid any kind of disturbance.

  • Consider your bedroom window size

For small windows never use prints which are broad as it does not like nice. You can try some simple colors which go with the interiors as perfect combination is very important.

In case of narrow windows dark shades are best as it gives a broader look and the windows will appear wide. Colorful lines and pale combination really looks superb and it can give an electrifying look to the window and the room whole.

  • Use color
Bedroom Window Treatments Ideas
Bedroom Window Treatments Ideas

Use as much color you want in the rooms as it makes the room lively. If you are looking for a different look then combination of a few colors is great but ensure that the combination is not tacky. You can mix a few shades for a look that is soothing and enhances the appeal of the window.

For mixing the color you can take the help of the color wheel. You just have to select one shade while the other one can be picked from the wheel. The use of the complementary colors is a brilliant choice and you will surely be contended with the result. Decorating the window with your choice can be a hectic task but its end results are satisfying.

Quick Trick

  • For the people who love the unlined and floaty look in the room but find it difficult to sleep can take the help of the roller blinds which are a superb option. You can fill your room with darkness and the right atmosphere for sleeping. Through the dreamy and ethereal look you can find your room to be refreshed in the morning.
  • If the sunlight from the windows make you wake up early then you can g for the drapes which have blackout lining as it does not allows the light to pass. They are durable and perfect for such purposes.
  • If your bedroom is large in size then you can take the help of sheer curtain which not only separates the room but at the same time you can give privacy. So one option is able to serve both the purposes.
  • Before buying check the samples to ensure that everything is perfect. Never place the order before you have checked the samples. Sometimes it may happen that the fabrics get interchanged and then the curtains are made.
  • To cover the windows you can use laces that add a romantic look and are very effective. Valances are also used to give a supreme appearance to the room.

Thus keeping in mind the above points will help you in the right selection and an excellent effect. Especially the small windows can get a unique decoration which looks gorgeous.

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