Decorating Your Bedroom for New Year

When you think of New Year decorations you probably think of decorating the living room, dining room, entryway or the garden. Many a people rarely think about the bedroom, the place where you relax and sleep after a hectic day schedule. Imagine if your other home spaces are full of new year decorations and then you retire to a room that has none, you will be tend to think and feel that something is really missing or lacking .New Year interior decorating comes only once a year, so why not go ahead and decorate each and every part of the bedroom with elegance and style. It is always amazing and relaxing to be able to fall sleep and wake up in a room full of cheer and energy.

Here we are going to discuss few tips that will help you to add a little holiday cheer to your bedroom.

  • To start up with any decoration for any occasion or festival the first and the foremost thing you have to do is to get rid of the junk in the room and clean it thoroughly. Take away unnecessary and shady stuffs and furniture out of the bedroom during holidays.
  • Change the bed sheet and pillow covers with new and bright color bed sets. You can tie your pillow with decorative ribbons and then unwrap the pillows every night before you go to sleep. This decoration will give a wonderful look and feel to the bed. Make sure that the color of the bed sheet and pillow covers complements the color of the room and other décor.
  • A warm blanket on the bed in a festive color like shades of blue, silver and white can do wonders for adding warmth and holiday cheer.
  • Use garlands and flowers to decorate the windows of the room.
  • Decorate the wreaths with small beautiful embellishments complementing the color of the room and other décor.
  • Hang glittery and shinny ornaments on the curtain rod so they can sparkle in the sun.
  • One of the best ways to decorate and reflect any season is with flowers. Use different kind of flowers to decorate your bedroom. Go for colors like red, pink or white, which are always elegant and soothing to eyes. You can also add some pieces of evergreen, decorative sticks and pinecones to make a wonderful winter arrangement.
  • Can stick radium stars and moon on the ceiling of the room to give your room a magical effect.
  • A great way to add a little holiday color to overall decorations is with ribbons. You can use silky shiny ribbons to decorate the lampshades and window rod. To give it a unique flair, make sure that the color of the ribbon blends well with the base of the wall.
  • Use bows and silky Saturn ribbons to tie window curtains.
  • If you wish to create a romantic new year décor then place floating candles, flowers and petals in a crystal pot or glass vase.
  • Put some new beautiful paintings in the room to make your room warn and cozy.
  • Use fresheners and aroma candles all around the room to add freshness to the overall ambience.
  • Place fresh and artificial flowers around the room in your own creative way. The fragrance of flowers will make your room more exciting and alive.
  • You can also hang New Year balloons filled with glitter around the room.
  • Doors are the first impression creating point, so don’t ignore the room door decoration. You can make use of lights, flowers and balloons to decorate the door. It can also be decorated using beautiful wreaths and ribbons.
  • A wind chime on the room door or on the window rod will give a relaxing feel in the room.
  • If you have enough space in your bedroom than place a larger-than-life centerpiece on the corner table. The centerpiece could be anything ranging from beautiful flowers to a nicely wrapped bottle of champagne with striking glasses around it.
  • You can also hang shinny colorful steamers to enhance the overall decoration of the room.
  • You can decorate your room with your own unique creations as it adds personal touch to the room. But, remember not to overdo the decoration otherwise the room will look clumsy and shady.

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