Garden Path Ideas

It is necessary to have a decorative and efficient Garden path. Different materials like, tile with pebbles, or concrete with pebbles, and wooden blocks etc. can be used in construction of path of the garden. The path of the garden can be straight, or curved also, but this depends on the space available in the garden. Most of the time, floating stone paths and stone block paths are common in use; hence, a wooden block path looks gorgeous.

Here you can find some tips and ideas of Garden path:

  • Garden Path Ideas
    Garden Path

    Your entry path should be at least 4 feet broad therefore at least two people can walk side by side, and garden paths can be 36 inches broad permitting one person at the same time.

  • Garden path design should be in mind with the part of water bogging, to exhaust rightly the solid paths of concrete, brick stone would need to rise away from the house or should have a nominal raised center thus the water can passes away towards the soil on the sides of the path.
  • Generally, the base is quite important and this is the thing which can not be neglected.
  • It is necessary to add a coat of sand like 1-2 inches in thickness which can be on top of gravel. Onset of weeds can be reduced by proper stuffing.
  • You can also place a coat of fabric or landscape matting on top of the gravel, but most of the people who already have garden in their home say that stuffing in sand are a superior option.
  • If the ground of the garden doesn’t freeze, you can make the gravel base around four inches deep and still the ground of the garden doesn’t freeze, you can make your base around 5-7 inches deep.
  • You can tamp the sand in before you lay out the top coat or using landscape matting are two options available by which you can keep weeds at bay.


Materials that can be used in construction of a path:

  • Grass: If you have sufficient time to maintain grass, then it can be best option for you. Otherwise, you will have to live with a dirt part till then.
  • Colored mulches: It is a fact that Colored mulches lose the color after certain period like 9-10 months
  • Rocks: This option needs a help of professional person, and gravel, boulders, cut stones, pebbles, flag-stones, concrete and some stone blocks are all costly options.
  • Bricks: These days, mosaic and brick’s garden path are very famous, as bricks are cheaper, and they also provide a traditional look to the path.
  • Shredded mulch: Many home gardeners recommend Shredded mulch. This option is one of the cheap and fine options.
  • Concrete: Concrete is very expensive option which requires professional help. It is also leans to obtain hot throughout the sunny days which also reflect back light.


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