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Summer is just around the corner, and your lawn could probably need a little maintenance before the summer begins and spoil your lawns.

Lawn care is often feared as a difficult and time intensive process, but with a few guidelines and tips, you can easily have a healthy green lawn in time.Caring for your lawn is essential in having a healthy lawn no matter how big or small it is.

A well maintained lawn
A well maintained lawn

We are here to help you if you are having lawn and thinking, how you can maintain your lawn. We know that you are wondering that the lawn care is a difficult task, so following are some tips regarding lawn care which will be helpful for you lawn. We all know that watering, raking fertilizing and mowing are the one of the basic steps for the lawn, but mentioned here are some other tips that will be helpful for your lawns growth.

  • We need to water the plants sincerely and carefully every week, at the least 6 to 12 inches down in the soil area. If there is slow growth and lack of resiliency, then it is an indication that the plants need more water.
  • We should use the proper applications of fertilizer to keep the grass strong and healthy. This practice will insure the resilience to traffic and drought and keep our lawn healthier green.
  • We need to treat the weeds and other pests immediately. Do not be lazy in these matters.
  • We need to add nutrients and other humus in the soil. Mowing needs to be done every five days during the wet season, and every 10 or 14 during dry.
  • We can use the lawn mower; we can control and change the blade heights easily.
  • The lawn mows is quicker and looks better. We should always level the humps and the dips in the lawn that are created by the freezing and thawing or the other factors. Smooth, and repeat twice a year until level. We need to remove humps by taking out wedges of lawn in patches, 6 inches deep. We need to repeat spring and fall until the humps disappear.
  • All the plant should cover the curbing and sidewalk instead of the grass. The above procedure makes mowing the yard easier and quicker. All the ground cover will also be easier to maintain there than the grass. This makes mowing the yard easier and quicker. The ground cover will also be easier to maintain there than grass.
  • Edging and mulch around the trees base will decrease the time and that will help to protect the bark on the trees fro, the possible damage that caused the mowing too close to the trunks.
  • We should provide our yard the dependable, routine care before it becomes necessary, and by heeding these other time-saving tips, our yard will stay looking lust and green. We should spend our time in spending to maintain the yard.

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