Designing Your Living Room for Everyday Use

Do you have a small apartment with one or two rooms and you just cannot afford to have a separate formal living room. Then you need not have to worry much as interior designing has come up with some great solutions. You can now build up a casual place for your family and can still entertain your guests in the same area. You can create a living room where you can live and spend time with your family. Here are some tips which you can follow to create a living room for everyday use:


A well designed living room

Color paints play an important role. They help in creating a mood and environment in the room. Avoid using neutrals or dark colors like red, blue etc. as these colors will make your room look small and congested. Try using something which can build up a relaxing atmosphere like white, cream or light grey. You can use two colors on the wall to divide the space with wainscoting. That will be a great way to decorate your living room. Paint your furniture pieces with dark colors like brown to give a contrast look. You can also paint your furniture pieces, each with different color to bring an interesting appearance.  You can have theme based living rooms. Try decorating with a beach inspired color theme to make your guests feel interesting. Use bright blue or different shades of water with white color for a tropical ocean beach theme.


In case of furniture, try placing something which is informal and comfortable.

  • Place sectional sofas as they would provide a sectional look to the living room. These sofas add extreme comfort and style to a room. They are extremely durable and are also available in different designs and fabrics.
  • You can go for ottomans. They will be a beautiful addition to your living room and are well known for their versatility. You can use them as coffee tables or for additional seating. They are available in all shapes, be it, round, square or rectangle with different fabrics to match your living room decor.
  • You can install a small fold-able table in the corner of the living room. The foldable table can also be used for performing multiple functions. This would create space in the room as it can be folded whenever it is not in use.
  • If you want to design your living room based on the theme like tropical ocean beach, then you can place comfortable and distressed furniture to give it a cozy look. Place television in corner of your living room. If you have a LCD TV and have a space constraint then just hang it on the wall. Try not to place big screen television if your room is small. This would make your room look smaller.


Choose durable materials for your furniture. You can buy a washable slipover for your sofa set. You can use cotton weaves like sailcloth however, it will appear less formal than any other fabric. Leather is one of the popular fabrics. It would be a great choice. It is easy to clean and gives a formal look to the room. However, it is the most expensive fabric available.


Decorate your room with accessories. You can hang pictures, painting or any art work on the wall. Arrange framed photographs of your family and kids in a photo shelf and place it on the table or hang it behind the sofa.

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