Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom flooring can have a dazzling effect on the whole look of a bathroom. If you choose bathroom flooring wisely then you can create the bathroom of your dreams very easily. While talking about bathroom appearance, bathroom flooring always plays an important role. Beautiful bathroom flooring can give you peaceful experience. Bathroom flooring is most used part of the house, so it needs to be strong with good quality life.

Bathroom Flooring ideas
Bathroom with a wooden flooring

Apart from regular home bathroom, best flooring would be most important for hotels, restaurants, and many other places. The most important thing which you should keep in your mind is that the toughness and thickness of these tiles does differ such as, some tiles are pretty delicate and some tiles can be very strong. As a result, you should consider the usage frequency, before you install them in your bathroom. For better understanding, view below given flooring types which can give you perfect idea of bathroom flooring,

  • Ceramic Tiles Bathroom Flooring

Most of the people would like to use ceramic tiles in bathroom flooring, as it is water resistant and it is easy to clean which looks most updated. These tiles are very easy to maintain and lasts for decades. Even, these tiles are very cheap and you can find it in several patterns and designs. You can go for textured ceramic tiles which do not become greasy when they are wet.

  • Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

After ceramic flooring, vinyl is the next popular bathroom flooring. Vinyl flooring is a strong, and easy to maintain flooring. You will get plenty of textures of marbles or wood to select from vinyl flooring. If you are looking for stylist flooring, then vinyl may not be your choice.

  • Granite Bathroom Flooring

If you are looking to add class and elegance to your bathroom flooring, then granite flooring will be your choice. Granite flooring with copper/stainless steel fixtures looks classical for every bathroom. While, this flooring is awfully hard, you can select for thin tiles as well. You will not require spending any maintenance charge on granite flooring and this flooring would lasts for generations.

  • Laminate Bathroom Flooring

Laminate looks like the hardwood flooring to a large extent. Actually, it is a fiber wood which is linked together and over laid with such an image of natural hardwood.

  • Hardwood Bathroom Flooring

Probably the most stylish and classic form of bathroom flooring is hardwood bathroom flooring. It is possibly a brilliant idea to have hardwood for bathroom flooring, if you have hardwood flooring in the rest of the house. Though, it is your duty to check a sealant which you are using is water proof and moisture resistant.

  • Stone Bathroom Flooring

Stone flooring can be found in many of the forms such as, limestone, marble, slate etc. The artistic appeal of stone and strength is purely unmatchable. Stones could last for generations without reducing its beauty. The only negative part of stone flooring is that it gets very greasy when it is wet and floor is also so hard that it may result in injuries, if you fall.

  • Carpet for Bathroom Flooring

Some people like to use carpet as bathroom flooring. If you have this kind of idea in your mind, make sure the carpet does not allow water to leak in its pads and the carpet should be stain and mildew resistant.

Affordable and neutral bathroom flooring which can be simply installed will enhance the value of the home without requirement of high effort and financial investment. Hence, you should select one of the above which suits your needs in the best way.

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