Your floor is constantly walked on, so, as well as being pleasing to look at, your choice needs to be appropriate for the room. Flooring can be used to provide background color and texture, helping to anchor and balance a decorative scheme.

Flooring is the hardest working design element in a room. It has a significant impact not only on the overall look of the room but on your budget also. Whatever flooring you select, don’t forget to factor in the cost of installation.

Choosing Flooring For Bedroom

  • The first factor that one should keep in mind while deciding flooring for bedroom is comfort, as bedroom is associated with comfort and relaxation.
  • It is very important to ensure that the kind of flooring you are planning to go for is not just attractive, but useful also.Sometimes elegant flooring may look attractive, but you may not have the time and money to maintain it. Just going by the look will not be enough to meet your purpose.
  • If you can devote a lot of time in caring for your house, then you can opt for delicate flooring. But if you cannot, then go for such flooring that does not require much of maintenance and is durable, like laminate and vinyl flooring.
  • An important thing to note is the condition of your budget. While marble and wood feature on the higher end of the spectrum, vinyl will be on the other end.
  • If your bedroom usually experiences a lot of foot traffic, then use of laminate flooring is a good option. Carpet tiles are another good choice. Though they are a little expensive, they last for a long time.

Popular Types Of Bedroom Flooring

  • Floor Tiles – Floor tiles are larger, thicker, and more durable than wall tiles. These are available in different types of materials, such as ceramic, vinyl, linoleum and natural stones. They come in squares, rectangles, hexagons, and octagons.
  • Linoleum Flooring – A natural product made from a mix of ingredients that includes ground limestone and linseed oil, lino is a hard-wearing and versatile hard fooring which comes in a good choice of colors and is enjoying a revival. It can be laid in various ways, either as sheet flooring or as tiles. Clever installers can create bespoke patterns or interesting chequeboard-effect floors.
  • Marble Flooring – It offers a graceful, elegant and luxurious look to your bedroom. Earlier it was considered very costly and was not affordable by the normal class of people. But it now has many cheaper varieties as well.
  • Laminate Flooring – Laminate flooring is a wood-effect flooring, and the many products available vary widly in quality and longevity.It is usually constructed from a thin silver of hardwood venner pasted on to a board, which is made from an inexpensive wood.
  • Wood Flooring – Wooden floors suit both traditional and contemporary interiors, bringing warmth and charm to both styles. The best timbers for flooring include oak, maple, ash and beech. Most modern wooden flooring is made from tongue-and-groove boards which, when laid, help prevent draughts.
  • Vinyl Flooring – Vinyl flooring ranges in style from inexpensive tiles to top quality vinyl that’s designed to resemble natural materials such as stone. It comes in sheets or ready-cut squares, and can be a good budget choice.
  • Bamboo Flooring – Bamboo is another type of natural flooring. It is one of the hardest natural materials available for flooring, and so is a good alternative to natural wood boards.
  • Carpets – Wall-to-wall fitted carpets have timeless appeal. They are soft and warm underfoot and therefore perfect for draughty floors or bedrooms.
  • Rugs – Rugs and runners are an excellent way to bring color and pattern to your floors. Flat-weave rugs with geometric patterns or cheerful colors are a good choice for hallways and bedrooms, and kilims and dhurries imported from Asia or inexpensive washable cotton rugs are all an instant way to add splashes of bright color to any floor.

Quick Trick

If you don’t want to go to the expenses and hassle of fitting wall-to-wall carpets,consider laying rugs.Many flooring companies also make large rugs;order a size that covers most of the floor space and you’ve got an instant room update that you an take with you when you move.

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