Brighten up Your Home this Spring

Opening up the windows and letting in the fresh spring air is the best thing to brighten up your home this season. But there are a few more ways (under budget) that can help you celebrate this new season’s arrival!!

  • Flowers: They never get out of style!!

    There’s perhaps no better way to brighten up your home in minutes than to add a vase of fresh flowers to a coffee-table, bookshelf, or a bedside stool. Whether you pick them from your own garden, order them online, get them at a local florist, they will look lovely and will lift the whole mood of your home in no time!

  • Set a timer and clean!!

    Cleaning is never fun, but definitely satisfying. Dedicate a certain amount of time – whether it’s a full day, half a day or simply a few hours – and just go for it. With the weather warming up you can open the windows, put on some music and before you know it, your timer will go off. When you’re done, try lighting some candles to take away that disinfectant smell.

  • Refresh the photos in your frames!!

    With everyone carrying a smartphone these days, we all take a lot of more photos than we used to. And eventually what we forget is, we don’t print them out. So isn’t it a good idea to spend some time in choosing few of your favorite photos and get them printed? And then putting up in frames. It surely will be fun and you can make a trip down memory lane. And finally you’ll love what you have done when you will see the moments play out in frames on your walls.

  • Re-arrange your bookshelf!!

    Because of their size, the bookshelves are a natural focal point in any room. A quick refresh can make a big difference. Try arranging them according to heights and textures. Place bigger books down, stand smaller books up and accessorize with some rustic and antiques – it could be anything like a vase, a lovely wooden frame or simply a plant. Remember bookshelves are not just for books – use a bit of your designer side and make it look a bit different. How about some rustic and artistic bookends??

  • Roll out a bright rug and some throw pillows!!

    Just like a rich shaggy rug has the power to warm up the entire room in winters, a bright, geometric, striped or polka dot rug is just what you need for spring. For a change try round shaped rug instead of square lines. Along with the rug why not give your throw pillows a change as well!! Just make sure the colors coordinate with your walls and curtains, simply switch out dark colored pillows with lighter colored pillows. This would be a quick, easy, and relatively affordable change that can potentially give your living area a whole new look!

  • Plants Plants & Plants!!

    You can see the sun finally come out of its hiding spot, so this is the perfect time to adopt some colorful new plants. Succulents are low maintenance, and they love sun too, so start building your indoor collection in different colours and sizes to line your window sills and throughout the home. Use your imagination and get a bit creative with pots as well – different shapes, sizes and colors can make a beautiful layout. Vintage teacups  and chipped crockery which you are not using anymore can make cute planters.

  • Treat the house to something small!!

    Simply by changing the tablecloth, shower curtains, bed sheets or adding some tasteful cushions can make a surprising amount of difference to the look and feel of any space. No need to buy any big and bulky items at the home wares shop and come home with a boot-load of dust-collecting items. But if you can justify a smaller item for the sake of a fresh new look, now is the time to go for it.

Happy Spring!!!

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