Posters and Paintings Vastu – Principles You Must Follow

Posters and paintings plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of any room but using them according to Vastu shall further boost the positive vibes in the house. It is a fact that every single object around, has its own energy, aura and vibes – paintings thus would play a prominent role, since it invokes feelings (positive and negative), connected to the inhabitants culture, personal life and likes, wishes and desires too.

Artwork add an extra spark of elegance to your house  & provides  you the vibrant energy that you need to have a great day. Although painting preferences may vary from home to home, there are still some basic rules to kept in mind while choosing an painting:

Posters and Paintings Vastu

  • Try to place a painting depicting water on the northern wall of your living room whereas the poster of rising sun shall help in getting the wisdom waves from the eastern direction of sun, the symbol of knowledge and wisdom.
  • The southern wall of a living room can be decorated with family photograph, scenes of high-rise buildings and mountains etc. These indicate the support and stability. The western wall is advised to be used for the paintings showing landscape and posters of children. This helps inviting opportunities for the family growth, as believed in Vastu.
  • Before you purchase paintings for your home you must keep in mind that these paintings should always be purchased for creating a pleasant and peaceful ambiance at home. You can purchase posters of floral patterns, birds, river, flower vases. Avoid putting pictures of crying girl, war or tragedy in your home. This can create negative vibrations in your home.
  • Paintings and posters showing grief, sorrow, pain, poverty etc. should not be used in a house. The abstract paintings are also not appreciated in Vastu. Scenes of devastated castles, drowning ships, burning buildings etc. have a strong negative impact on the sanctity of the environment inside the building. So they should be kept at the bay.
  • The correct position and direction of the paintings are two very important aspects that you must surely keep in mind. The direction and the location for the instillation of different paintings are different.
  • The direction from east to south is considered to be very auspicious and pure as it is considered to be the place of solar energy. At this location you can install pictures of flowers, women and other creative things.
  • If you like clicking photographs and decorating your home with them then you can click pictures of high mountains, flying birds, rocks, aircraft and moving train as they are considered to be great for decorating your interiors.
  • You must also place pictures and posters of various Hindu God and Goddesses in your home. The picture of Lord Krishna eating curd or with Radha is surely lucky for your home. These paintings can also be installed in your puja room.
  • There are several ways to improve the relationship energy in your bedroom. Painting of hearts , birds, flowers etc. in pair and pictures of romantic holidays, happy couple are highly recommended in the bed room of any married couple.


  1. I want to paste a poster in south-east corner of living room then which will be the best poster to apply in south-east corner of living room ? Will u plz guide me ? M really in need of your help.

    1. I want to paint lord balakrishna having curd in hand in the south wall which is facing main door. North facing house. No back side way. Can paint seven horse in the eastern wall of the portico. I don’t know both are correct or not. Please help me and tell the correct one for both places. Thanking you.

  2. Hello sir can you tell me if we can put buddha painting in bed room and in which direction.

  3. Hello sir,

    Information from you is very helpful.Can you guide if Varanasi ghat paintings are good for living room?

    Thanks in advance

    1. I want to paint lord balakrishna having curd in hand in the south wall which is facing main door. North facing house. No back side way. Can paint seven horse in the eastern wall of the portico. I don’t know both are correct or not. Please help me and tell the correct one for both places. Thanking you.

  4. I have a painting depicting a scenery of snow covered mountain with water running .Which side should I hang it

  5. I have a painting depicting a scenery of snow covered mountain with water running .Which side should I hang it

  6. We have a big wall painting of Shrinath ji ( a lord Krishna’s avatar) in his rajbhog aasan.
    The lord is richly decorated with jewels and lights.
    We want to place it in out living area. Which is right direction and place.?
    Please suggest.

  7. I have a painting of radha -krishna and gopi’s which direction should i place it in living area.Please guide me.

  8. Hi, I have recently bought a photo having 7 white galloping horses with a sunset in the background. Should I keep the photo due to the sunset background. Plz advise.plz

  9. My main door is in North East corner,as we enter we face a wall.can I place lord ganesh on that wall,?so that as we enter we look ganesh.or suggest which is good.

  10. My puja room. Is in the east side of my flat. I gv placed sai baba’s photo in d wall n hv a small mandir type house with other God n Godesses statue jst below d photo. Is it okay according to vastu

  11. I have seven running horses photograph and wants to put it in my house for Health and wealth prosperity. Pl. suggest me in which room i fix it.while hanging it, which is the best side tail of the horses . kindly reply.

  12. Can we keep Shivaji Maharaj Potriat on the wall of the Hall. It shows the praja and Shivaji sitting on the thrown and ppl saluting him including the britishers

  13. Greetings,I have purchased a painting with seven white horses,which direction do i place it ,the north west side or the south wall of the living room.My home entrance door is south.Please advise.Thanks.

      1. Wow article. I was knowning about the vastu and their effect on our life. But poster and painting can also can make effect on day today life. I’m surprised reading… And thank you author for beautifull article and I will sure work on vastu @home


  15. North
    I I living room I
    w I~ I~ ~I
    e I I I East
    s I ___________ _____ I
    I~ I I
    I bedroom I I
    now this is the construction of the house on 1st floor. kitchen is with living room (partition)
    and toilet is with the bed room.
    ~ denotes french windows.
    and doors are empty spaces on walls
    please help me with what paintings for finance and growth and remedy for vaastu i should follow.
    And am unmarried too.

  16. Can I put a painting of 4 running horses coming from front direction in my south side wall making the horse facing north? Horse color 3 brown 1 white.

  17. We want to place a sculpture in the Living Room – what kind of sculpture / idol is advised? The place where the provision given is the side wall of Pooja which is located in south-east corner of Living Room. Kindly advise.

  18. My couple photo in my bedroom is on south wall facing north direction is it auspicious …. if not kindly give remedy for the same as I have no other place to keep it as its huge!
    Also wall clock on couple’s picture is good/ bad?

    1. I have an Horse Picture with seven horses. Can you please suggest me as to which direction should it face (East or West) as our main door faces Northeast direction.

    2. The first thing we see when we enter any room should be something that may give us the feeling of peace and serenity. This could be a photograph, a favorite quote, a painting, even fresh flowers can enhance these positive, life supporting feelings.The southwest area of your house is associated with earth element. Southwest master bedroom is helpful in stability of relationship. The photo should be in such a place from where it is clearly visible.


  19. elephants poster one big in the centre & four at the 4 corners. Can I place this huge poster on the wall facing east

  20. I would like to place Horses, sunrise, running water and endless road pictures togather on northern wall, please advice if we can place all together at a time on wall?

  21. Please advise the following :
    a) Which colour is ideal for wall on the south, wall on the north (In living room)?
    b) Also, which photo / painting is ideal for the South wall and North wall (in living room) ?

    1. Main entrance of house is south facing( @ extreme south-west corner).. I want to place waterfall scene poster in house . Where it should be hanged… also I have 7 white galloping horses poster please suggest proper direction. … kindly suggest some vastu tips for good prosperity and career

  22. Please advise the following :

    a) Which colour is ideal for wall on the south, wall on the north ?
    b) Also, which photo / painting is ideal for the South wall and North wall ?


  23. Hello sir,
    I need a clarification for hanging photos.
    They say we should hang photos of the dead in the South direction.
    Does it mean it should be on the wall in the South which means the photos face North
    We should hang the photos on the North wall where the photos face South ?

    Kindly help,

  24. Hi
    Please tell me. Is god paintings is good or bad in bed rooms? Or at which place we have to put it..

  25. Hi, can i place horses paitings on the South wall of my living room, besides / below my father’s photo (deceased) . The horses would run into my pooja room. Please suggest.

  26. i have placed poster in the south in which half 3 horses( 2 white and middle black )are running .is it right????

  27. I have 11-12 white horses galloping outwards from right to left on water(like beach, don’t know) and total blue sky and water with sun or moon ( white colour, I can’t judge) rising.
    placed on eastern entrance of my house from inside.
    Please tell your advise on this

  28. Hi,

    Me from Goa. Am Constructing my Small Dream House,

    Have done Plan as per vastu, but require your valuable advice and Help in colors and poster on my wall.

    if possible then i can mail my plan, just need to know what poster can cover my dining wall. my house entrance is facing towards NE.


  29. In my house, south wall of guest room is designed using Tiger tiles (size: 3*3 feet). In this picture blue white tiger coming from den with normal expression and closed mouth. Surrounding of picture is green.
    Could you please suggest that this is good as per Vastu?

  30. I have a NOrth Facing main Door house. Kindly suggest to hang the pic. of horse (single or 7 stamping):
    1) which wall should I hand (South wall of living room is available pl suggest)
    2) Which Direction should the face of the stamping horse (East to West or West to East)
    3) If I want to hand the picture of Fishes (like aquarium) in North facing house on South wall of living room is it
    4) I had hung the picture portrait of my dead father on South wall (North facing House) opposite to Main door, of the living room where in the entrance of the main door & the wall opposite. Is it Ok as per Vaastu?

  31. Dear Sir,

    In a high rise apartment how would you identify directions to hang paintings. Would you take each room in particular? I wish to hang paintings which depict krishna and his life. Is it fine to put it on a southern wall of a living room that is in the north east part of the flat?

    1. hi,I’ve made a painting in brown background with five horses in a cheroit depicting 5 senses a crown of krishna with peacock feather in which direction should I place this painting. My living room is in east.

  32. Sir,
    Is a tree design on wall with light brown base and the tree with its trunk and red cherry a sign of bad vastu? It is on the west and in bed room

  33. Hi,
    Can you please tell me where to place the endless road or pathway picture in a studio apartment . Coz where I stay that there is no much wall space on the north side . Any best alternate region to keep such a picture.

  34. I have a painting of Lion, Lioness and their 2 cubs sitting together in jungle, depicting a family. Is it suitable to put this painting in Living room or guest room of my house and on which direction of wall should I hang?

    1. Dear sir Namaskar, in my bed room on east wall a picture is with white moon and seven white horse are running in water from right to left

  35. I have a seven galloping horses pic but only one wall is available which is in the south direction suggest

  36. Hi, can one place a picture of self (living) and father (deceased) on a south wall in the living room? This is a picture from my childhood and brings back great memories….

    1. Displaying pictures that remind you of loved ones and happy memories will bring good energy to a room but do not hang both (living and deceased) together. Pictures of living are better if placed in East or North direction. Also don’t keep pics of late family members in Temple or place of worship.Pictures of late family members and ancestors should be hanged on South wall or the South-West corner. If south wall is not available then on west wall. Ensure that they are facing towards north or east.

  37. My house entrance is in east south direction. where to post 7-globing horses on the wall and in which direction.

    1. Galloping horses paintings are considered very good for the living room as this brings lots of yang energy inside your home. Hanging horse paintings near the entrance will help in bringing good luck, wealth and prosperity. It is also advisable to select happy galloping horses and not angry emotions expressed in the horse painting. The direction of the galloping horses is very important and this must always be facing inside the direction of your home, that is the horses coming towards your home and not away from your home.

    1. The Northern sector of your house corresponds to the money & finance. You can use the image of endless road or path at north which symbolizes more opportunities ahead.

          1. For those who are finding it difficult to control unnecessary expenses can grow living plants and flowers in their bathroom. Symbolically this should cut down on expenses that mostly go down the drain. Those who have faced huge losses in business can place heavy objects such as a statue on the far left corner of their living room.

  38. I have a Painting of two Galloping Red Horses…. when i hanged this painting in my office on South
    Wall (Which is right Behind my Seat) horges seems to Run from South to North and slidly left to Right
    but on same time they seems to run out from office…….
    what should i do ???? should i keep this painting or not ????

    1. Red being a symbol of aggressiveness and horse being a symbol of power, improves your business aggressively in terms of cash flow, reputation and fame. Prefer horse coming from left side or from front. When placed in the South, a Pair of Red Horses provides a steady flow of money. They should be placed facing the North direction. The horse should be placed such that it is coming in and not going out of the house.

    1. Family photographs of dead are best suited for South wall in the South-west direction of the home however for living family members hang their pictures on the West Wall.

    1. Well actually it depends on which room are you talking about however in general green is considered a harmonious color for east. So its good for walls facing this direction to have an element of green.

  39. I have pasted 7 running horses poster in the north wall of my room.. Which is both sleeping and studying room. Is this is right or not to do so? Please reply..

    1. Horse Posters signify energy, power, success and authority so they are good to have in study room. However the same principles make it not good to hang in bedrooms or the rooms used to sleep.

      One should avoid horse paintings in bedroom, this energy will upset the serene environment required for relaxation.

  40. I want to buy painting for my south wall and southwest door.please suggest which and where to buy according to vastu or fein shui

    1. Pictures of serene Mountain without water/snow can be displayed on south wall. Avoid placing pictures that are too bright.

      South walls can also be decorated with things that remind one of their or their family’s achievements. Trophies, certificates and awards can be used here.

    1. Horses, specifically 7 white galloping horses with rising sun in the background, have a great significance in Vaastu. Horses, in Vaastu, represent success and power. The direction of the galloping horses is very important. While hanging the painting, one should make sure that it faces one’s home i.e. the horses coming towards your home and not away from your home. You can place a sculpture of a pair of white horses in the north-west zone of your home.

  41. Dear sir,
    I want to hang a picture or painting on the south wall as well as on north wall so please suggest for the same.

    Sujit Shaw.

  42. We have a picture of temples on holy mountain with a picture of IDOL in the inset. Which direction is correct to place this frame?


    1. Yes you can. A picture with group of horses is very auspicious in the living room and entrance. But make sure the picture is such that the horses seems to be coming inside the house not going out of the house.

      1. any specific direction for this pic required or i can place it anywhere in living color of horses matters..

  43. I think it will be a better idea if you place the pictures in the middle since it will be more convenient for you. After all you`ll have to do dusting and it won`t be possible if the pictures will be placed too high.

  44. Well it depends on the style of your room. It will be most suitable if you place the pics in the middle because you wont have to crane your head too much in order to catch a glimpse of them.

  45. The best placement of pictures is to hang it in a way so that the middle is at eye level. If you’re hanging a group of pictures, make sure the middle of the group is at eye level. Good Luck!!!

  46. I have a basement apartment. And the ceiling height of my bedroom is about 7′. I have a large picture that is approximately 3′-0″ x 3′-6″. To make the room (and the ceiling height) look larger, should I hang it near the top of the wall, or in the middle? What is a good height to hang the pictures?

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