Vastu tips for Living Room

  • North or east is the perfect directions to construct living rooms because it allows morning sunlight along with the positive vibrations. Out of these two positions north is considered to be the best one.
  • Always take care of the living room door positioning and keep it in the east or west direction.
  • Rectangle or square shaped furniture is the ideal choice for your living room and the heavy decorative or furniture pieces should be placed in south or west direction.
  • In order to place the furniture according to Vastu rules, you can choose western and southern corners of the living room.
  • Avoid having the heavy chandelier at the center position of the living room.
  • Apart from TV you can place all the other electronic appliances in the southeast whereas southwest direction is best for keeping the telephone.
  • You can consider northwest direction for keeping sofa but avoid selecting L-shaped sofa for your living room.
  • Place your showcase cum almirah to the southwest and television sets in the southeast corners. You can keep clan deities, idol of family or pictures of the God you believe in more on the either sides of TV.
  • If you are using stuffed animals for decoration then make sure these are placed in the northwest direction.
  • West and north are the perfect directions to place A.C. or cooler and contrary to this northwest or southeast directions are not at all suitable for this arrangement.
  • Southwest corner is the best place for the couple heading the house to sit in a living room that faces north- east or east direction.
  • You can use the southeast or northwest area of the room for the guest sitting arrangement. Make sure it is facing western or southern direction.
  • It is advisable to place the water fountains, aquariums or water bodies’ pictures in the north to east area for bringing fortune.
  • If you want your home to be filled with positive vibes and have a cheerful atmosphere then make sure that you are not hanging pictures carrying birds, women, animals, war scenes and weeping children, etc.
  • For a soothing and restful living room choosing light colors such as yellow, while, green and blue, etc. becomes the most important issue. Refrain from using red or black colors and careful selection of light colors can add on to your décor by brightening up the moods of the inmates.
  • Talking about the selection of the center table it becomes quiet necessary that you take care of the best shapes like round, square and rectangle, etc.
  • Following the Vastu principle it becomes mandatory to keep ample amount of open space or room in the eastern as well as northern corners.
  • One should not hang any portrait of God, above the main entrance door of their home.
  • If you want a fireplace to be constructed or installed in to your living room then choosing the southeast area of your living room will be a great idea.

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  1. tv install in north east place? oppsite L shape sofa set? is it right possition in east face entrance living roommy living room size 11feet west to east&north to south 22feet plz give good suggestion

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