Choosing Ceramic Tiles for flooring

Ceramic tile is a beautiful and strong material for covering floor as well as wall. They are manufactured by processing clay. You can use them as covering of roofs or for covering walls and flooring of kitchen or bathroom. They can be also used for making tabletops. Ceramic tile looks elegant when used as flooring or on the walls. They give the place a special feel through its presentable looks. Apart from its look, ceramic tiles are also known for its resistance. Ceramic tile is resistant to water and therefore does not need much maintenance as other flooring requires.

Here are certain advantages of ceramic tiles:

Durability: Ceramic tiles are durable in nature. It has relatively longer life as compared to other flooring materials.

Resistant to water or moisture: Another advantage of this tile is that it can resist moisture or water. Therefore it does not need much maintenance.

Slip resistance: Ceramic tiles have an anti slip factor and thus it can be used in bathrooms as flooring.  It prevents one form slipping even there is moisture on it.

Maintenance: Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and to clean. The stains and spills over it can be easily removed by rubbing it with a soft wet sponge. Ceramic tiles can be cleaned once in every week by neutral detergent.

Chemical resistant: They are quite resistant to chemicals as compared to other material.

Color and hygiene: Exposure to direct sunlight does not make the color of ceramic tiles dull and fainted. Also since they can be cleaned easily without any hassle, it is always recommended to use in those places where you need to maintain high sanitary levels.

Ceramic tiles are available in two types glazed and unglazed. In glazed tile the color is added to clay during the process. It allows bright colors to stay for longer period and is strain resistant. These tiles mostly has glassy surface and therefore are used for covering walls and making counter-tops. These tiles are not used as flooring. On the other hand unglazed tiles are those tiles where no color is added. It bears the natural color which gets pigmented during the process. These tiles are also stain resistant and needs less maintenance.

Selecting good ceramic tile and then installing them properly is a big task. You should be very careful while selecting them. Ceramic tiles are available in various designs, sizes and colors. Here are some tips to help you out in selecting the best tile for your home:

Firstly you should be sure with the size of the tile which is to be installed in your home. Check out which size of ceramic tile will suit your room. Ceramic tiles are available in many sizes. If it is for covering wall then there are tiles available ranging from 1 to 24 inches. The size ranging from 12 to 18 inches is mostly used in the kitchen depending on the size of the kitchen. If your kitchen is small then you can select tiles of 18 inches or larger since smaller tiles will make the kitchen look smaller and congested. However, if you want to choose tiles for bathroom then medium to large size tiles are also available for flooring as well as for shower wall. It is advised to use the largest tile for your small bathroom. The larger the tile, the bigger your bathroom will look.

Check out for the design which would best suit your interiors. Ceramic tiles come is many colors, designs and patterns. You can use neutral like white, yellow, green or sky blue, bright and bold shades like orange, red black for bathroom. One of the advantages of using neutral shade tile is that the tile continues to work even if you change your interiors. If you want to give your kitchen a cool and calm interiors then cover the wall of kitchen with tiles in neutral like white, yellow or green. You can also use painted tiles that are combined with the regular ceramic tiles to give a complementary look.


Ceramic tiles come in patterns of square and rectangle. You can install the tile diagonally as well on the floor as this will make the room look bigger. It will give a spacious impression when you get into the room.


Make sure that the lot you purchased contains tiles of same size and shade.

Also it is important to install the tiles properly. A proper leveling is must before laying down the tiles. Therefore, it is better to call a professional for this purpose

Ceramic tile prices vary with the quality and the size. The cost is based on per square foot measurement. Always ask for the total cost of covering the floor. Some retailers also include the charges related to additional material, demolition of old flooring, replacement charges, delivery charges etc.

Always ask for the warranty and care guide from the retailer. This guide will guide you as to how to maintain and clean the tiles for longer life.

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