Laminate vs. Vinyl Flooring

There are many ways to give your home a fabulous make over and flooring is vital part of it. Now days there are lots of options available to choose from hard wood, vinyl, laminated, crock, ceramic tiles rubber, marble, linoleum, and bamboo flooring. You choose any of these flooring according to your choice.  Laminate and Vinyl flooring is most common and preferred type of flooring. Here are details of these two beautiful flooring.

Laminate flooring

If you are looking for wood flooring without maintenance and installation responsibilities then laminated flooring presents great choice. It is one of the most durable, well made and multipurpose flooring; also it is available in variety of colors, grains and cost ranges. Another interesting thing about laminated flooring is that it has greater resistance to dent and scratch so it remains as beautiful as new one for longer time and there is no need to worry if you have dogs or naughty kids running and playing around.

Types of laminate flooring: There are two types of laminate flooring available Titles and Planks. There are many manufacturers of Laminate flooring which keep experimenting with new colors, styles and quality so there will be no scarcity of available choices in both Tiles and planks flooring. Titles flooring involves groove and tongue edges, whereas flooring Planks can be done either by groove and tongue edges or interlocking.

Know your Laminate Flooring: It is made of several layers of different materials which gives    it unique color, sheen and styles. Top most layers are melamine layer combined with particles of aluminum oxide which give flooring a durable and tough finish. There are other layers inside such a resin filled layer, print layer, clear tin plastic sheet layer and thickest layer is core layer which is made of HDF i.e. high density fiber.

Why you should choose Laminate Flooring:  It is simple to maintain and take care of; it is very durable and tough. It is easy to install and you can float it on any type of floor and it’s ready to use as well. It is chemical resistant, also hypoallergenic which means it does not have harmful Chlorine, dioxins, PCBs, or plasticizers. It doesn’t let Dust to settle so saves you from dust mite. It does not get affected by direct sunlight.

Disadvantage of Laminated flooring: One needs to take care of water spill and moisture as this can ruin the flooring so this should be avoided in places where there is constant water contact.

Cleaning laminated flooring: It is not very difficult to clean the laminated flooring, just use cleaner solution with ammonia or simply vinegar and wipe it off. If you want to mop the floor make sure to leave no water or moist as this can damage the flooring.

Vinyl flooring

As installation and maintenance of wood flooring becoming costlier day by day, Vinyl flooring brings really cost effective replacement. It certainly scores better than conventional wood flooring in terms of style, variety, durability and cost.

Types of Vinyl Flooring:  Vinyl flooring is available in market in two different types- sheets and planks or Titles. Plank or titles are easy to install, clean and maintain.   You can choose from many different textures such as oks, pine and maple. Sheet vinyl flooring is laid in your floor like carpet; it can be either screwed or glued.

Know your Vinyl flooring:  Vinyl is an organic compound which consists of ethyl or group of vinyl, so basically vinyl flooring made of polymers of vinyl.  Most commonly known vinyl polymer is PVC (Poly vinyl chloride) and PVF (Polyvinyl fluoride).

Why you should choose Laminate Flooring:  It is very easy to clean with any type of vinyl cleaner available in market. It is very easy to install and maintain day to day. Vinyl flooring is excellent for both home decor and business floors. Also it is very soft to walk on as it is polymer. Vinyl flooring is very durable and tear proof as well.  There are many lucrative designs available in vinyl flooring some of these are hardwood style, stone style, brick and many more to choose from.

Disadvantage of Vinyl flooring:  Though Vinyl sheets resemble wood however it does not carry any physical texture of wood. Also it neither carries feeling like actual wood plank. Also it has Chlorides and fluoride which is not considered very healthy. And you need to take care of usage of cigarettes; it can cause stains or minor burns.

Cleaning Vinyl Flooring:  clean the spills with cloth and then use vinyl cleaner to remove stain. You can use vacuum cleaner however use beater bar it can harm the floor.

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