Marble vs. Granite Flooring

As marble and granite both are natural stones and thus look amazing when installed in the home interiors, it is quite difficult to select which stone would better suite your home. The choice mainly depends on the visual effects which you want to give to your home interiors and the how and where you want to use that stone. The common properties of both these stones are that both are natural stones. However their features related to softness and durability makes them different form each other.


Marble stone is one of the most beautiful stone among other stone options. It is a natural stone and is mainly used as flooring in from many years. People prefer this stone as they build up a different look when are used in home, offices, public buildings, flats etc. Marble stone is one of the most expensive flooring because of its beauty and features. Though it is one of the expensive flooring the major advantage of it is that it is extremely durable as compared to other inexpensive flooring.  It is a hard metamorphic rock which can last for several years if maintained properly. It is also available in various styles and colors to suit your home decor. You can choose the best one depending on the theme of your interiors.

As marble stone is porous in nature they need much maintenance as compared to other stones. The splits and spills of acid, liquor, coffee, vinegar or lemon juice can spoil the beauty of the stone. Therefore it is advised not to use it as counter-top in the kitchen.  Kitchen is the place where we often use substances like vinegar, citrus juices etc. Therefore, if you have marble flooring or counter-top in the kitchen then it is advised to be very careful while using the above mentioned substances which can harm the stone beauty and finishes.

Another disadvantage of marble stone is that since it is one of the delicate stones everything stains on this stone very easily. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance is must for this type of stone. Always use clean cloth for mopping the floor. It is advised not to add any type of acid into the water as it can damage the finish of your flooring. You can use liquid hand wash soap to clean the spots and strains. There are also many marble cleaning agents available in the market for removing strains. After sweeping make sure there is no water left over on the floor as it can create permanent water strains. Dry the flooring after sweeping it. You can use neutral cleanser dish washing soap to wipe the marble at least once in a week.


On the other hand granite too looks great when installed in the kitchen as counter-tops or as flooring in the bathroom. Granite is not only affordable but also easy to install. It is also easy to maintain and clean. As granite stone is a natural stone it is known for its durability and resistance. This stone is resistant to stains and heat. Following are the advantages of granite stone:

This stone is known for its hardness. It comes second after diamond in terms of toughness and hardness.

Another advantage of it is that it is non porous in nature as compared to marble stones and thus remain scratch proof and therefore does not need much maintenance as marble stone needs.

It is quite easy to clean. It does not need much care as marble stone needs. Any spills of vinegar or acid do not harm its texture and color. Therefore you can use it as the counter-tops in the kitchen or as a table top in the dining hall or as flooring or tilling in the bathroom.

Granite stone are available in various colors and styles. One of the advantage of this stone is that it suits to every style of interior be it contemporary or traditional. Therefore, you can choose stone depending on the theme of your interiors.

However there are few disadvantages also. Not all granite stones are affordable. The quality, color and texture mainly depend on how much you want to shell out from your pocket. Another feature of granite is that it is heavy in terms of weight therefore before installing counter-top in the kitchen or bathrooms make sure you have proper support system of pillars’ to support it.

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