Wood vs. Ceramic Tile Flooring

We often get stuck when we have to choose among wooden flooring and ceramic tile flooring for our home. We always long for something good and which can last for long. Although wooden flooring and ceramic tiles looks good when installed, it is quite important to know their advantages and disadvantages. Also one should judge flooring based on its features like toughness, maintenance, care, durability and off course last but not the least budget. This article will help you in knowing both advantages and disadvantages of wood and ceramic tile flooring and will also guide you in choosing the best one for your interiors. Let us first discuss about wooden flooring

Wooden flooring:

Wooden flooring is popular among people since many decades. It comes in many styles and colors which you can select as per your taste and preferences. Also you can choose the best one depending on the style of home interiors. Wooden flooring is quite expensive as compared to other flooring because of its durability and looks. It also comes in many designs and stay for longer period.

Advantages of wooden flooring:

1)      Wooden flooring gives a special feel to your home. It not only brings in style and quality but also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home.

2)      Types of flooring: Wooden flooring comes in many types like oak, pine, bamboo, walnut, cypress etc. Every type of wood has its own pros and cons. There are certain types of wood which can be found only in specific areas which not only affects the price but also the quality of the wood.

3)      Styles: Wooden flooring comes in various styles. You can choose as per your decorating needs. While choosing wooden flooring for your room it is advised to keep in mind the room usage. Also before choosing the flooring it is advised to keep record of the size of the room where you want to install it. Few popular styles are parquet, strip and plank.

4)      It is easy to maintain and clean. Regular dusting and cleaning will increase its life.

5)      It is better than carpet flooring as it does not allow the dust or dirt to settle down. It is also beneficial for allergic patients. If any member has allergies to dust then wooden flooring are the best option to go for.

6)      Wooden furniture is quite affordable. There are available in many ranges right from the lowest end to highest end. Wood furniture any how looks elegant and as it is affordable you can easily get it into your home.

7)      Last but not the least installation of wooden furnishes at home would increase the cost of your home. And if you want to sell your house then you can get a handsome amount on resale.

Ceramic Tiles:

 On the other hand, Ceramic tiles are the cheapest option as compared to wood. Ceramic tiles are made by processing clay.  It is not absorbent and can be used in kitchens, bathroom as flooring or to cover the walls. Even if the tile breaks or cracks it can be easily installed once again by the professionals however wood flooring is hard to replace if it gets damaged. Ceramic tiles come with great quality, durability, hardness etc.

Ceramic tiles are becoming increasingly popular because of its various advantages. Following are advantages of ceramic tiles which make it different from wooden flooring:

1)      It is affordable and can fit into any budget. Ceramic tiles best suits with modern environments. It gives the room a different feeling and presence.

2)      It is easy to install. However, note that if it is not installed properly, it can develop cracks in some years.  It is recommended to get it installed by a professional.

3)      Ceramic tiles come in various designs and colors. They look amazing when installed in the bathroom or kitchen. You can choose tiles depending on the theme of your room.

4)      Ceramic floor tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. It keeps the place clean and hygiene. They can be cleaned with a simple cloth soaked in water. Cleaning them once in every week by neutral detergent is more than enough.

5)      Ceramic tiles are known for its durability and hardness. It has relatively longer life as compared to other flooring tiles or stone. However, because of its hardness it sometimes feels every stiff when you stand for longer time on it.

6)      The color and finish of ceramic tiles does not become dull even when exposed to heat or sunlight. They are resistant to high temperatures and acidic substances.

7)      Ceramic tiles come in many shapes, colors and patterns. You can choose the one which best complement your home interiors.

8)      They are non porous and does do not absorb water. Therefore, can be used in the places like bathroom or roof where there moisture is more while wooden flooring cannot be used in such places.

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