Christmas Table Decorating Ideas

Christmas is both venerated religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial trend. Christmas is a time for fun and frisk, a time to spend quality time with your family. This is the day when you have all your near ones at home, so obviously this day calls for great celebration. Christmas magic can be spilled in every corner of the home by doing stupendous Christmas decorations. Christmas party and feast is incomplete without the Christmas adornments.

Popular custom on this holy day includes exchanging gifts, attending church, decorating Christmas tree, waiting for Santa Claus and last but not the least sharing meals with close family and friends. The meal to be served on table on the Christmas day demands for lots of preparation and time. Of course, we know that the table will be full of delicious food, but all the efforts get into drain if it is not presented well, as dining in style is always preferred. A well decorated Christmas table facilitate in setting the perfect ambience for a wonderful Christmas evening with family and friends. Decorating the Christmas table for the Christmas dinner is a great way to make the Christmas day even more memorable.

Here are some Christmas table decoration ideas:

Even before you start to decorate your Christmas table for the dinner, don’t forget to give the perfect look to the room in which the table is placed.

  • The theme of the table should match the theme of the room, otherwise the entire set up will look unfinished and unfit.
  • Take care that the embellishments on the dining table matches the décor of the room. The cutlery and other decorations on the table should either match or be in contrast to the décor of the room.
  • You can even add new paintings and hangings in the room to give it a festive feel.
  • A nice idea would be decorate the room with bright and colorful flowers. This will make room appear fresh, lively and more joyous feel.
  • You can even consider decorating chairs of the dining table to provide a unique flair to the room. For instance ribbons, bows and flowers can be used around the chair.
  • Place candles on the table and even around the room to affix inviting scent to the decor.

Tablecloth, Napkins and Napkin Rings

Christmas Table Decorating Ideas
An amazingly decorated table helps in creating the perfect aroma for a festive occasion.

The first step while decorating a Christmas table is the use of perfect tablecloth teamed with a table runner, mats and napkins. You can use the tablecloth either based on the theme of the house or shades like red, pink, white and green which are considered as Christmas colors. Try to use mild prints and color of the tablecloth in order to keep the attention focused on the centerpiece. To add more to the spirit of Christmas, you can also use napkin rings. You can also make your own napkins and tablecloth of your savor and requirement which also helps in providing a personal touch to the decorations.

Table centerpieces

Table centerpiece is the heart of the Christmas dining table decorations. A centerpiece performs a function that is purely decorative therefore the size, shape and color of the centerpiece should be as per the nature of the meal. In a formal gathering it is recommended that the centerpiece should be smaller in size so that it occupies less space whereas, in an informal affair the centerpiece should be large and very well decorated and should occupy the entire area of the table. Various types of settings can be used to make a centerpiece like flower arrangements, candle arrangement, a nice glass cake stand and a beautiful Christmas figurine. Care should be taken that the size of the centerpiece should be such that it does not obstruct the view of each other across the table. The size of the centerpiece should be decided keeping in view the size of the dining table. After all sufficient space for serving platters, dishes and condiments should be left.


Eye-catching tableware can add glamour to your Christmas table. Display of dishes on the best cutlery will add magic to the table. Try to match the color of your tablecloth and centerpiece with the color of the crockery. Make sure that the crockery is sparkling clean and unscratched.

An amazingly decorated table helps in creating the perfect aroma for a festive occasion. So start to plan your perfect table decoration for this festive season and make this Christmas dinner memorable for your family and friends.

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