Decorating a Christmas Tree

Christmas is always looked upon by kids and adults as a season of joy and happiness. The word Christmas reminds us of the big marvelous Christmas tree and the Santa Claus. Christmas tree has its origin in the Vikings from North Europe. In early period, during winters the European people took evergreen trees as a stimulation to struggle with life and as a reminder that winter will soon come again.  The custom of decorating the Christmas tree during the festival of Christmas has come during the ancient times from England and France.

In earlier times people usually used to decorate their Christmas tree with eatery items as it coincided with crop harvests. But, these days Christmas tree is decorated with a variety of ornaments such as toys, candies, Barbie, teddy bear and nosegays. Garlands, ribbons, lights strands, flowers and balloons give Christmas tree a wonderful look. All the trappings on Christmas tree makes it look unique and marvelous. Gone are the days when artificial Christmas trees were looked down to their real counterparts. Today, with the growing demand, competition and availability of beautiful real-like readymade trees, artificial Christmas trees are herding the markets. A wide variety and range of Christmas trees are now easily available in the market, which also opens several doors to choose the best from various options available.

Christmas tree decoration tips

The sparkling celebrations of Christmas remain dormant or incomplete without Christmas tree decorations. Below are some tips to decorate a Christmas tree.

  • Using garlands– Garlands of both fresh and artificial flowers are used to decorate the Christmas tree. The kind of flowers, whether fresh or artificial, to be used to decorate your Christmas tree depends upon the time you are willing to display your Christmas tree. Life of fresh flowers is at the most two days. Therefore, in case you want to put on view your Christmas tree for more than a week or even a week, than it’s recommended that you go for artificial garlands as it would be very difficult to change the fresh flowers every other day. Ensure that garlands are used only after tree is adorned with rest of the embellishments.
  • Decorating a Christmas Tree
    The Christmas Tree is the central point of your decorations.

    Using lights- Use of lights on Christmas tree provides a magical charisma to the Christmas tree. Though Christmas tree can be decorated and illuminated by a number of light arrangements but it would look striking only when the lights are arranged in a proper way. These days Led lights and faceted glass bulbs are in vogue. Apart from their fancy appeal they are also readily and cheaply available. In order to uplift the flair of lights, layer of lights can be paired with other decorative ornaments that have reflective surface. To provide fines and clean look to the Christmas tree, lights should be arranged from the base of the trunk and then moved upwards. It should also be ensured that light is wrapped properly around each branch of the tree. Colorful lights can be used to match the overall decor of the house and complete the Christmas theme.

  • Using ball ornaments- Embellishing the tree using ball ornaments is a traditionally used decorative item that is still widely used. Earlier the choice of ball ornaments was confined to few colors and sizes. But now, a wide variety of ball ornaments are available in market, ranging from small sized to oversized ones. If you choose to adorn your tree only with ball ornaments then, placement of ball ornaments plays a very important role in enhancing the beauty of your Christmas tree. Take care that all the balls are not hanged on the tips of the branches, as the branch will not be able to bear the weight at their tips and will be tend to bend downwards. Therefore, try to place the ball ornaments in between or in the innermost branches. If the ball ornaments are not available in the color of your choice, spray paints can be used to get the desired color. Multiple colors should be used carefully as it may give a messy look to the Christmas tree. Uniform color balls that are contrast to the evergreen color of the leaves are the safest option for ball ornaments. Red is the most popular color for ball ornaments.
  • Using assorted ornaments- By making proper assortment of different finds of decorative ornaments or by making a systematic blend of expensive ornaments with the cheaper once, a unique and classic impact can be created on the Christmas tree decorations. Use of assorted ornaments also helps an individual in defining their budget and flaunting all the ornaments of their savor. Painted fruits, toys, garlands can be used with costume jewelry pieces, candies, pinecones and many more.
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