Choosing a Christmas Tree

Christmas is an occasion of joy and happiness. People of all ages eagerly wait for arrival of Christmas and the holiday season that it brings along. Several preparations are done like decorating house, preparing delicious feast and adorning the Christmas tree. During the Christmas season, Christmas tree is the focus point of every home. Christmas tree decoration is among the most wonderful activities of the end of the season. Each home tries to come out with unique themes and ideas to decorate their Christmas tree in an outstanding way. But, before the Christmas tree is ready for display and to be lit for the first time, the Christmas tree decoration demands lot of effort and time into the project. The first and the basic step for making a perfect Christmas tree for this festive season, starts from choosing the right tree for your home. Other decisions for decorating the tree can be in line, only when you have a suitable Christmas tree.

Few tips should be kept in mind before choosing a Christmas tree are:

  • The first and the foremost step before picking a Christmas tree for your home is to decide the place where the Christmas tree is to be placed. Avoid choosing place near a heat source or any spot that may be risky, such as place next to fire or up on a woody table where chances of falling are higher. Try to keep the tree out of high traffic areas in the home so that people in the home are not disturbed by its placement as well as the tree is also safe from being bumped or overturned. Due to the specific needs of the tree, before you go for hunting or picking the perfect Christmas tree for your home, you will have to decide where the tree will best fit in your home. Once the spot for placement of the tree is chosen, remember to note the measurements of both the ceiling height and the width of that space. Also measure the height and diameter of your tree stand. The height of the tree top decorations should also be noted. All these measurements should be considered while determining the height and width of the Christmas tree you are picking for your home.
  • After determining the place and area where the tree will best fit in, the next thing to be considered is the budget. It is prudent to have a pre determined budget before making a purchase. These days, an array of price, color, sizes and style of decoration material are available in the market. With the approaching season markets and shops will be shelved up with various decoration items. The Christmas tree may also range from small size to oversized ones. The kind and amount of material to be used and size of the Christmas tree should be decided only after considering your spending capacity. Rate and quality comparisons can also be made by surfing and visiting various sites online. This not just saves your time but also helps in picking up the best deal in the market.
  • Next step after place, size and budget of the tree is finalized is to decide on the type of the tree you want to go for.
  1. Choosing a Christmas Tree
    Simple decorations make the Christmas tree look perfect.

    Artificial tree

  2. Pre-cut tree

Gone are the days when artificial trees were considered weak as compared to their real counterparts. With the increase in demand, competition and availability of beautiful real like readymade trees, artificial trees are herding the markets. The kind of Christmas tree whether fresh or artificial also depends upon the time for which you will be displaying your Christmas tree.

In case you want to display the Christmas tree for more than a week, than it’s recommended that you go for artificial tree, otherwise for such a long period a live tree can loose its freshness with all the embellishments around it. On the other hand pre cut tress have its own advantages. The basic advantage of pre cut trees is its convenience. If you choose to go for pre cut tree, the retailer will make a clean cut on the trunk and will usually wrap the tree in a plastic mesh. This makes it easier for the buyer to get the tree into the house and to set up the tree in the stand.

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