Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

Christmas is both a revered religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial trend. Christmas day is celebrated as the anniversary of the birth of Lord Jesus. Popular customs on this auspicious day includes exchanging gifts, attending church, sharing meals with family and friends, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive and last but not the least decorating the Christmas tree. People of all ages enthusiastically wait for the Santa Claus to come and distribute gifts and chocolates. Children are also very excited to decorate the Christmas tree in their own way. Celebrating Christmas and decorating the Christmas tree calls for days of planning and enjoyment. During the holiday season, Christmas tree is the centrepiece and point of attraction of every home. Christmas tree decoration is among the most wonderful activities of the end of the season. Each home tries to come out with a unique idea and theme to decorate their Christmas tree in an exceptional way.

These days, decorating Christmas tree with a specific theme has become extremely popular. With the approaching holiday season and Christmas day, we will find every market and mall shelved up with wide variety of decoration material. An array of prices, colors, sizes, styles and brands of decoration stuffs are available in the market. Individuals can also refer various sites online about the products they choose to use for decorating the Christmas tree. Comparisons can also be made by referring different sites and finally picking the best material at the best price available in the market. The cost of decorating Christmas tree can range from as low as $30 to high of $5000 and even above. This basically depends upon individuals savour and appetite to spare money.

Various Christmas decorating theme are now easily available in the market. What you have to do is, just visit the shop and choose the material that best suits your theme. But before going shopping you must first decide on the theme you are going to use for decorating your Christmas tree this season.

Various Christmas tree decoration themes:

  • Snow, angel and Santa themes- Snow, angel and Santa theme focuses your Christmas tree decorations around the snow. Snowflakes, white, baby pink and other mild shades can be used to decorate the tree. Small delicate angels and little snowmen are placed on the tree to give the tree a soft and beautiful Christmas mood.
  • Rustic themes- A wonderful rustic theme can be created by decorating the tree with carved wooden ornaments, pine codes, dried flowers, wooden beads, leaves and sticks
  • Color theme- A specific color theme can also be used for decorating the Christmas tree. You can choose either a color of your choice or color complementing your home decor.
  • Christmas Tree Decorating Themes
    During the christmas season, the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your home.

    Teddy bear themed Christmas tree- Bears are known for carrying happiness to children. Teddy bears Christmas tree decorations best fits in a baby’s bedroom. A small artificial Christmas tree can be converted into a beautiful teddy bear Christmas tree, by enclosing it with dozens of teddy bear tree ornaments hanging which are easily available in the market. A unique teddy bear themed tree can be made by knitting the bears, using various baby color garlands and string colored lights.

  • Angel themed- Angels are very popular Christmas tree ornaments. An angel themed Christmas tree is another fabulous way to create an exclusive tree for Christmas. White and silver garlands and ribbons are used with dozens of hanging angel tree ornaments candle lights.
  • Food, cookie and candy theme- Cookie and candy theme is perfect Christmas tree in the kitchen of anyone who loves to cook or eat. There are endless list of items that can be used for decorating a Christmas tree with candy theme for example: beverage ornaments, cookie cutters, candy garlands, cut- out cookies, food ornaments, kitchen utensil ornaments and many more.
  • Toy themed Christmas tree– Toy based Christmas theme gives a fairy look to the room. The toy based Christmas theme is usually used for decorating the tree in kid’s bedroom. Indeed, Christmas is all about gifts, toys and chocolates. Santa Claus tree ornaments can be used to decorate the Christmas tree to create an authentic feel of Christmas. Wide range of toys such as Barbie, cars, trains, Disney characters like Cinderella and Pinocchio can be used for decorations.

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