Decorating the Foyer for New Year

New Year is the time when a number of guests are expected in the House. The foyer of the house is the first thing that your guests will see when they enter your house. It is therefore good to decorate the foyer with extreme care and honesty. For many houses, foyer may not be very open but even small places, if decorated well can give an enticing look to the house from outside. The decorations of foyer should be done in line with other decorations of the house.

The important factors that should to be considered for decoration of the foyer are:

  • You should decide the decoration theme that will suit the overall furnishings of the foyer. Therefore, factors such as the color of the walls and fixtures, if any, in the foyer play an important part in deciding the decorating theme for the foyer. The decision about the color to be used for decorations help in procurement of supplies for decoration. However, even you are unable to find the decorative items of the desired color, you can use spray paint generously to get the required colors on any object that you want to use for decoration.
  • Foyer should look convivial to the guests as it is in the front area of the house. You can use flowers to add value to the decorations and make the foyer more welcoming.
  • Decorating the Foyer for New Year
    Decorating the Foyer for New Year

    As foyer is visible from outside the house when the main door is open, it is important that the foyer should look good and appealing from the entry of the house.

  • Before you start decorations, you should remove everything that does not go along the desired theme of decoration. Any object that does not have usefulness should be removed.
  • You can use any article of the house to generate a theme for decoration. The theme of decoration can range from flowers theme, ribbons theme, balloons theme to plates and cutlery theme etc. However, you should remember that unconventional themes should match some shade of your personality that you want to highlight so that the theme does not look out of place.
  • You should give time to decorate the main door of the house. The main door, when closed is seen from the inside of the house and forms part of the foyer decorations. Hanging wreaths and garlands are commonly used for decorating the main door from outside. However, some decorative items should also be used to decorate the door from the inside. If an appropriately colored decorative item is not available to go along the color of the door, spray paints can be used to color the decorative items. Care should be taken that the decorative item used on the inside is not very huge and does not obstruct the functioning of the door.
  • It is important that the foyer is well lighted as it is visible from both inside and outside the house. Colored lighting alternatives can give extraordinary effects to the decorations of the foyer.
  • If you have windows in foyer, they are an additional advantage for decorations to look even more appealing. There are multiple alternatives available to decorate windows. Garlands and hanging wreaths are commonly used for decorating windows. You should remember to use curtains that match the overall decoration of the foyer. In absence of curtains, colored paper can be used. If the glass is transparent, temporary markers can be used to write New Year messages on the windows.
  • All the furniture that provide horizontal area in the foyer like racks or table tops etc. are place where decorative items can be displayed. These areas can be covered with cloth or paper to give a uniform look. Colored vase, toys, Lamps or candles can be used to decorate these areas. Lighting directed at these decorations can be used to highlight decorations.
  • Stairs from foyer should also be decorated. Garlands, ribbons, balloons etc can be used for decorating the stairs. Care should be taken in decorating stairs to avoid obstructions in the path.
  • In addition to all the decorations, the foyer should also smell good. Guests should be greeted with a pleasing smell and therefore foyer should be perfumed frequently and items that have intrinsic scent like flowers should be positioned in the foyer.

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