Decorating Your Living Room for New Year

New Year is celebrated by spending quality time with family and friends. For celebrations, the entire house is decorated with various decorative items. Things from previous year can be reused for celebration.

Some of the tips for decorating the living room for New Year are as under:

  • Select a theme: It is always a good idea to select a theme for decorations. Though the decorative items can be used independently without a theme, it may not always look smart and neat. Randomly decorative items require more creativity to look perfect that theme based decoration. There are two ways to select a theme for decorating your living room for New Year
    • Object based theme: There are several items that are specifically used for New Year decorations. Theme is nothing but excessive use of any one type of decorative item. For example, theme could be balloon theme where you can decorate your entire living room with balloons. Common articles that are used for decorations in New Year and thereby can be used as a theme are Bells, Balloons, Stars, Candles, Toys, Ribbons and Flowers.
    • Color based theme: The second way to select a theme for New Year is to go for a particular color or group of colors for decoration. The selection of color depends on the color of the walls and other furniture. Once the color is decided, several decorative objects of the same color can be used to highlight the color theme. The popular color used for New Year decorations include Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Golden and Silver. Use of golden and silver give a special zing to the overall decorations and therefore are used extensively.
  • Furniture: The furniture of the living room should be rearranged in such a way that there is maximum open space in the room. Remove all unwanted piece of furniture. It is important to get rid of the clutter and the unused items from the living room can either be sold or stored on terrace or garage. If you have wooden furniture, you can go for polishing the furniture to give it a fresh look.
  • Decorating your Living room for New Year
    Decorating your Living room for New Year

    Doors: If the doors are wooden, you can go for re-polish of the doors along with furniture to give doors a new look. Doors can be decorated by using hanging stars, bells, garlands and wreaths. Banners welcoming New Year are also commonly used for decorating the doors.

  • Curtains and Pillow Covers: Curtain and Pillow covers play an important role in the overall decorations as they are large mediums to communicate the theme. There are a number of alternative designs available in the market that can be used to highlight the theme of your choice. The color of curtain and pillow cover should be carefully selected so that they fit in well with the other decor of the room.
  • Window: If your living room has a window, it provides additional opportunities for decoration. The windows can be decorated with hanging wreaths or garlands. You can also highlight the window by using lighting. Directional lighting used on the window from outside the house provides a spectacular effect to the decorations.
  • Stairs: In case there are stairs from the living room they should be decorated with the same theme as rest of the living room. However care should be taken that the path is not blocked by the decorations.
  • Banners: You can use a large banner in your living room welcoming the New Year. The banner helps in setting the mood for New Year party as it signifies the reason for gathering.
  • Music: The decorations should include music source for the living room. For most of the New Year parties and celebrations, music will be required. If not planned in advance, the system used to play music can look clumsy with wires all around the living room. It is therefore advisable to arrange for a music player and conceal the wiring with decorative items.
  • Smell: The decorations are incomplete if the room smells like dead fish. It is important that the room smells good. There are various ways for achieving this. You can use scented candles, perfumes, sprays or flowers in the living room for that desired smell.

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