Decorating your Terrace for New Year

New Year is celebrated with a lot of fervour and zeal. A number are guests generally visit the house for greeting New Year and to welcome the guests, the houses are decorated. The decorations are done on all parts of the house from the backyard to terrace.

Some important tips for decorating terrace for New Year are:

  • Decide how you want to use your terrace. Depending on the size of terrace, you may want to use it for organizing a rooftop party or in case the guest list is large, you may want to distribute some load of the house to the terrace by arranging drinks or snacks on the terrace. It is also possible that you do not intend to invite guests on your terrace. In such cases where terrace will not have many visitors, you may go ahead with lesser decorations on terrace.
  • Once the utility of the terrace is decided, remove all the garbage from the terrace. Clean it with water if required. Also, remove all the unused furniture, old cans and bottles from the terrace. This is the first step for decorating the terrace.
  • It is always good to have some sitting arrangements on the terrace so that your guests can feel comfortable for longer durations. The sitting arrangements of terrace may not be very complicated. Stick to basic sitting like chair or stool for the purpose of sitting on terrace.
  • Decorating your Terrace for New Year
    Decorating your Terrace for New Year

    You may decide a theme for decorating the terrace. The theme can be a continuation to theme used for the decorating other areas of the house or any other theme can also be used for terrace. In case the balcony or terrace is accessible from the house or an extension to a room, it is advisable that the same theme, as used for the room, should be used to decorate the area.

  • Plants are an important part of the terrace decorations. Be it the open space in the house like a balcony or a rooftop, plants play a very important part in beautification of the terrace. If real plants are not viable, artificial plants can be used to give decorations on the terrace a fresh look. A number of alternatives for artificial plantation are available in the market.
  • Lighting is an important part for decorating the terrace. It is advisable to have the terrace well lighted. However, in case the terrace is being used for drinks and a lighter mood is required, dim lighting can be used to create the right ambiance. There is very little usefulness in decorating something that will remain dark all through the night.
  • The boundary of terrace is usually lighted with series of lighting or candles. The corners can be highlighted using colored lighting. In order to avoid mishaps during New Year party, it is important that care is taken while lighting the terrace as loose end can lead to shocks and short circuits.
  • You can use carpet to cover the terrace. Old rugs or old blankets can also be used on terrace. You can create some sitting arrangements by using cotton or foam base with bedcovers and pillows.
  • If the terrace is big, a campfire can be set up on the terrace to keep the terrace warm. Barbeque arrangements are common on terrace as it gives enough open air for smoke from burning coal to escape into open atmosphere.
  • You can decorate the outer wall of the terrace with garlands and hanging wreaths. Color of the wall should be considered before purchasing the garlands and wreaths. Directional lighting can also be used to highlight the decorations on the wall during the night. Garlands can be used to decorate the inner walls.
  • It is good to have a trash can on the terrace so that the waste can be disposed. Having a trash can on terrace helps in keeping the terrace clean.
  • It is important that the terrace smells good. Terrace is an open space and therefore it is exposed to external smells. You should take care that the terrace smells good. A good way to keep outside smells away is to use flowers for decoration of terrace. Perfumed sprays can also be used on terrace for having the required smell.

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